Dash For Newbies Subscriber Goal Already Reached: 150

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Mar 5, 2017
Today I was checking the stats of the Dash For Newbies Medium publication and discovered that I've already tripled the number of subscribers since creating my last proposal.

This is good news, and it means people from the mainstream are hungry for this kind of information. I think it was Sunday when the subscribers were at 109. So, in a few days, 41 new people have subscribed.

I also did a little Facebook advertising using my own funds and I'll continue to do this because it definitely is sending more readers to Medium. Dash is so different from other companies, because it really does hinge on the proper education of people. Most people are suspicious of any currency that they don't understand. Creating trust in this space is absolutely essential. Anyway, check out the first day of stats with Facebook advertising:

Do you see that super high green line that extends farther up than all other lines? That's the day I ran the Facebook advertising.......

Here's the Facebook ad:

And here's the stats:

Before I run the next ad, I'll text two different images to see which ones people like the best.
Anyway, this gives you an idea of what is possible with Facebook advertising.
By Friday, I'll have the Dash For Newbies Art Contest released, so if you know any creative people, have them either like our page on Facebook: Dash For Newbies or on Medium.

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