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Dash For Newbies Now at 109 Subscribers

Discussion in 'Articles/News' started by stellabelle, Apr 23, 2017.

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    Mar 5, 2017
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    In the last few days, the subscribers for Dash For Newbies has jumped up significantly. When I wrote my newest proposal a few days ago, there were 53 subscribers, now there are 109. One of my goals for the newest proposal was to double the subscriber number. That has already happened. So, I guess I'll shoot for tripling that number.

    Part of the goal of the Dash For Newbies publication is to educate regular people about all aspects of digital currency, from security to best practices. It's main mission to create a very trustworthy, interactive place that people can depend upon. Because online safety and security is a big part of digital currencies, I'll be exploring those topics in the "How To" section. If you know of anyone in your immediate circle who is confused by digital currencies, it is my hope that you will help them by sharing these articles with them on social media.

    The most recent article is about my personal experience setting up VPN for my entire family. I hope you will share this with anyone who doesn't understand VPN: