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Mar 16, 2017
Hello everyone! Dash Texas Farms here and I want to put in a modest proposal that I really think will help get some Dash wallets setup and get some Dash sales happening. All materials acquired in this proposal will be by spending Dash. Seed, soil, fertilizer. I've already purchased a greenhouse and have hundreds of plants going myself. The next phase-which has begun already-is getting others to grow plants with Dash branding and wallets-the concept is explained below in my most popular article on Uptrennd where crypto-enthusiasts were very responsive to the idea. I've written several articles on Uptrennd getting over 10,000 views and have made friends with several people in the gardening community. I also have connected with people on Twitter-which I will link below contests where people won $25.00 gift cards to start their gardens.


Here is a twitter post where you can see once again how the crypto community is responding to this idea.

And the $25.00 Lowes gift card prizes sent out!

I am connecting with people both inside the Dash Community as well as outside of our community to make this happen. The goal is for the gardeners to make a little bit of Dash while also selling their plants including Dash wallets with $5.00 in form of a paper wallet. This works and keeps conversation flowing about Dash with people.

This is an idea I have worked very hard and my ask will be 10 Dash for 3 months-most of it being spent using egifter.com at Lowes and Home Depot. I've spent a lot of money already and had donations come in from a few stellar Dash members.

All of my expenses will be verified and documented and I have faith that the people selected will be able to make some sales and create awareness for Dash-as well as myself around my city and Texas.

I can show where I have-using Dash-bought a greenhouse and started hundreds of plants. If by the end of this experiment we do not see Dash transactions happening and more awareness for Dash I will gladly bow out of this idea. I believe this marketing will be very effective and create a win-win for people who are into crypto and enjoy gardening.


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Apr 13, 2020
Im convinced, i love the idea, for i love gardening so much as well as crypto.
I have read several posts written by you...and hopefully, this must be a sure win