Dash Evolution - Question about Moderator


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Jun 4, 2015
I just watch the Dash Evolution video and saw that if a merchant has a dispute with a customer that a moderator can become involved in order to settle the dispute. So how does this exactly work?

If lets say I use Dash Auto Pay every month, I'm guessing every month Dash is deducted from my Dash wallet, is this a smart contract? Also, lets say my wallet is about to become empty, can't pay the next payment. Why the moderator is needed? Seems to me it would be better for merchants to be able to scan/view the wallet address to see if it has funds before they receive payment that way they can remind customers to pay and have a time frame when to disconnect from a customer.

If moderators have the ability to reverse a payment, I see this as detrimental to Dash. Users should know that payments can not be reversed, that they assume all risk, in this way they will think twice before spending their Dash, they become adults. Or the other side you have an increasing amounts of mods and newbs/kids/adults that never grow up that make poor decisions, ask to reverse payments, do it for fun, do it to piss off merchants, or bad merchants do it to piss of customers, its a bad idea.
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Vedran Yoweri

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Apr 29, 2015
It still has to be invented.
assumptions are not a good basis for discussions. do you truly think the core devs would come up with something that reverses transactions? (witch are impossible in a bitcoin system) you probably confused by a escrow scenario.
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Dash Core Team
Jan 23, 2016
Regarding Spork 12 and it's alleged ability to be "capable of freezing and reversing the previous 24 hours of transactions" - it simply re-indexes the blocks. It absolutely can't freeze/reverse transactions. An out of context Github link on Reddit is not something I find particularly concerning. For more info, see the initial commit containing that spork and then, if still concerned, take a look at what it actually does.