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Dash Dashboard: Big Data, Analytics, Charts, AI

Discussion in 'Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Dash-Boarder, Jan 29, 2018.

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    Dec 27, 2017
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    This proposal goes live in a couple of days, but wanted to get the conversation moved from the Pre-Proposal Forum.

    TLDR: Centralize into a single site (www.dash-board.info) all of the charts, tools, analytics into a single location so that we can unleash modern day computing (i.e. Machine Learning, AI, etc...). This creates a platform for 2-way engagement where the community/MNO's can request analytics and have them included in the site. This way there is a dynamic growing platform that creates value for the community ;)

    This is more than just pricing charts and streaming data (but it will have that). This is the centralization, collection and analysis of all that data to bring forth trends and meaningful information.

    Full description: www.dash-board.info
    Demo (Proof of Concept): http://dash-board.info/Demo

    This is an extremely cool project and would be pumped to complete it! Your feedback is welcome.
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