dash-cli remote


Aug 6, 2014

This is a proof of concept of a remote command line for dash wallet/masternode using firebase as broker

how it works
  • the client (index.html) communicates with firebase requesting to execute a specific command
  • the server (masternode.js) is a nodejs server which communicates with firebase, receiving command requests. It then executes the requested command and sends back the output of it.
what can be the outputs of this proof of concept
  • online wallet
  • online masternode monitor
  • centralized dash network API
  • online POS plugin
  • ...
why use firebase
Firebase opens the possibility to communicate with a wallet without openning any ports on your router.



hope you enjoy

PS: I'll add more commands in the future
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May 29, 2014
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Looks nice and it's of course very convenient to talk to your Masternode via a web-interface , but for my personal taste there are to many parties involved which may break things or make everything insecure.
And which I don't trust of course.

I prefer the simple approach ssh [email protected] dash-cli getinfo
The ssh port is open anyway...
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Aug 6, 2014
I know you're not a big fan of google ;)
Commands can be restricted to ensure more security and firebase have some good options for user's login.

I think this concept may have value when you need to talk to a simple wallet that you have on your home computer. In this case you would have to open ports on your router which I think is not that good in terms of security. Firebase eliminates that need.

Anyway, this is just a concept that I thought would be nice to share to feed everyones creativity.


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Mar 9, 2014
Let me know if I'm annoying, I'm interested but need things spelled out :p

Is this a wallet you would have running online somewhere, say on your machine at home or a vps? And this would be the interface for it? What are the advantages?

I mean, I think they are:
No actual wallet needs to be installed on device
You could still be running a full node (not sure that matters)
Could you secure it better than a wallet on a device like your phone, because it (the phone) could be lost?
I would assume there would be a way to log into the account then, from this api and afterwards it would work as if the wallet were actually on your device. This is actually interesting. One might feel safer "carrying" more funds around with them this way, than having an actual wallet on the device. But it still has to be online from home, etc... right?

Still a cool idea. Ease of use vs security are always a balance. We want to get the highest in both that is possible. But that's all far beyond my knowledge.


Aug 6, 2014
You are never annoying.

In this case the wallet is in a vps and the web interface(hosted at firebase servers because it's free :) ) communicates with it through firebase library(sockets). It's emulating a command line but the commands available are only the ones related with dash-cli.
This example would also work in a pc with a wallet at home.

"But it still has to be online from home, etc... right?" Right! And that's the beauty because your funds are always in your control.
You are absolutely right on your conclusions.
At the moment this is just a concept and an online wallet is one of the various projects it can evolve to.