Dash at SF Hacks '18: Proposal Update #1


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Dec 23, 2017
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Hi all,

It has been a busy month of designing, ordering, organizing, interviewing, and preparing, but the time has come for me to share a first status update on preparations for Dash at SF Hacks 2018. I apologize for the update post being slightly behind schedule, but everything else with the proposal is perfectly on schedule, despite challenges faced with a 35% shrink in USD budget due to the decline in Dash's USD value.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with what is going on here, please read the original proposal (or the tl;dr posted at the top of it): https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-hackathon-sponsorship-at-sf-hacks-‘18.26661/

Update tl;dr: 320 T-shirts printed. They look great. Poster and banner printed. Also looking awesome. 2 assistants hired to help out, they're really cool dudes. Event sponsorship paid and ready to go. Looking forward to next weekend!

On to the details:
Lets start with some pictures. Here are the goods I've ordered (well, except for the people), out on a sunny California day. Sorry about the enormous size...it appears that XenForo does not support image resizing.

Photo of some volunteer students who tried the fit of my pre-production samples from CustomInk for me
Left-to-right: Sage, Arjun (me), Connick, and Nathaniel

Photo of the banner, to clearly brand our table at SF Hacks.

Poster to lay out the key points of Dash's value proposition (self-designed, based on existing Dash promotional materials on the wiki).


Next up, a report on to-date income and expenditures:
Due to the dramatic drop in available fiat funds (relative to the proposal valuation of 1 Dash @ $952.78), we scaled back the number of T-shirts to be ordered down to 320 shirts, and chose a cheaper shirt (Gildan jersey style, instead of a Next Level Tri-blend shirt). Total Cost of these T-shirts was $2069.90.

I hunted around a little more online, and was able to get the 2 ft by 7 ft banner from HalfPriceBanners.com for just $63.78, and the poster for $69.48. I also purchased an easel stand for the poster for $26.97.

The SF Hacks sponsorship fee was $1000, plus $24.22 for the cost of checks from the bank, since SF Hacks wanted a mailed check. With the sponsorship paid, our logo is visible in the sponsors section on sfhacks.io.

When the schedule for the hackathon was released, I noted that our team would need to stay the night in San Francisco, so that we could attend the judging and awards to present our 2.5 Dash prize. This added a cost of $312.97 for an AirBnB for our 3 team members (an excellent deal for accommodations in SF).

Here is a summary of current financials (in USD, since all 6 Dash received were sold):
Total Income: Sold 6 Dash @ $603.91 each for +$3623.45
Proposal fee -$1000
Checkbooks -$24.22
T-shirts -$2069.90
Poster -$69.48
Stand -$26.97
Banner -$63.78
AirBnB -$312.97
Total Expenditures: $3,567.32
Net Balance: $56.13

Hiring Progress:

I've chosen two assistants, Zach Zulanas and Connick Shields, and have signed contracts with them to have them represent Dash at SF Hacks '18. Both are very knowledgeable computer science undergraduates at UC Santa Cruz who are familiar with Dash, and I am looking forward to working with them.

Looking Forward
That's all the updates so far, but expect another update next week, as the event is approaching on March 17-18. Until next time :)
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