Darksend Progress


May 16, 2015
Costa Rica
I understand this takes a while. I am not asking about that. Please take this in that context.

I am asking how long this is suppose to take or how I am suppose to do this. I did 1000 DASH at 2 rounds about two days ago, almost exactly 48 hours ago.

I am at 5% and 3.900039 DASH done with 40.0004 DASH in pending. Is this about the experience I should expect? How long does this take to complete? One week, two weeks, or one month? I am just asking to see how long it normally takes or am I doing something wrong.

Thank you


Official Dash Dev
Dash Core Team
May 20, 2014
To mix you need someone else to participate too but I guess the problem is there is not so much people mixing now - many have already mixed amounts they need, some doesn't care about mixing at all, some mixing just small amounts. Try to set 100 DASH or less to mix - I guess it should be faster.

EDIT: It's kind of chicken-egg problem: to mix faster/better we need more people mixing, to have more people mixing we need to mix faster/better...