Darkcoin color theme impacts


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Jul 3, 2014
Hello forum,

Few days ago I was in a business meeting with one of my Chinese friend's in Dubai we talked about many things during our meeting and since I knew him for sometime now he would ask me about my personal life and what not. I told him about my investments into Darkcoin and tried to explain it to him. I showed him Darkcoin and he said yes sounds good BUT Red would be better and he explained to me what Red means in China "Good luck, Blooming, expanding, Money, fame, and happiness".

Now I wonder what IF Darkcoin Theme color was instead of Blue it was Red, I mean we have seen how this coin has so much potential and Evan and he's team always deliver what they promise so far yet investors don't come"Big investors" & I know that the Chinese who triggered the last move back in November.

I want people here to tell me if I am been silly for thinking changing A color would increase the # of investors here knowing that we had updates after updates yet we didn't get big time investors towards this very promising coin.