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Cudaminer opened window to hyperspace

Discussion in 'Questions and Help' started by Solaris, Mar 15, 2015.

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    Jun 5, 2014
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    First:i don't know dick about mining software,bat files,cuda's,if it works and keeps working i am happy ..

    Was tinkering with my girlfriends laptop trying to mine some DRK coin with her GPU card,it is a GTX280M and i could not get it to work with any of the ccminer versions i downloaded.
    So i downloaded cudaminer .. and have about 47Mh/s according to GHash.IO

    On my desktop computer i have a GTX680 and i was mining with ccminer at about 2.5-3 Mh/s
    I tried setting it up with cudaminer the way i did with the laptop and these are the results:about 335 + Mh/s
    when i read forums 2 - 3 Mh/s sounds normal

    So .. wtf ? am i blowing my card up or did mining software came out of the stone ages and skipped all the era's all way to the future ?Or is the info Ghash.IO just wrong ?

    Uploaded video to youtube from cellphone(srry no fancy screen recording software)
    worker1 is my desktop pc
    worker5 the laptop