Core Team Compensation (February)


Oct 10, 2017
Dash Core Group February 1st Funding Proposals
DCG is submitting 3 funding proposals for the February 1st budget cycle:
1) DCG Compensation: $257,000
2) DCG Public Relations: $27,390
3) DCG Premises: $22,000

This proposal
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What does this specific proposal fund?
This proposal funds Dash Core Group's ongoing compensation costs - including all developers, administrative, business development, marketing and support staff.

As of the end of December, DCG had 47 staff associated with the project, 5 less than at the end of November. The breakdown of the number of staff we have working in each unit is as follows:

Development and Operations:
Full-time: 26
Part-time: 6

Business development / marketing / customer service:
Full-time: 8

Full-time: 6
Part-time: 1

* Full-time defined as contracts permitting staff to bill up to 40 hours a week
** Part-time defined as contracts permitting staff to bill less than 40 hours a week

Please note that our current run-rate is $285,000 after taking into account voluntary pay reductions, recent resignations and the non-renewal of certain contracts. A number of additional DCG subcontractors volunteered to either take significant pay reductions or forego salary all-together. A big thank you to them, their contributions are hugely appreciated. They have been instrumental in allowing DCG to continue development without major disruptions.

We are asking for pre-pay-reduction run-rate funding of $257,000 as we will be drawing down on our buffer in order to pay for the the current shortfall in funding. If the price were to remain in the $80 range, we will need to reduce our run-rate further in February. This gradual approach ensures that we don’t over-react to market movements.

If you have any questions, please direct them to @glennaustin in this Dash Forum post to ensure we are notified of your request.

Requested funding is as follows for the February 1st budget cycle:
· 3,095 Dash for core team compensation ($257,000 USD @ $83 per Dash)
· 5 Dash proposal reimbursement
Total: 3,100 Dash

Note: Should any funding remain, we will apply it toward future compensation expenses.
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