Continuation of community Advertisements following Amanda's departure


Feb 14, 2017
Sad day today with Amanda taking a hiatus :( she is the sole reason I got into crypto and I'm sure many others as well. She did a fabulous job!

On that note, I have decided to continue the community Advertisements that she has started. I will be giving away 1-2 Dash total to get the ball rolling. the ads may average 75 cents- 1 dollar per person for the time being. When I put in my proposal I plan to execute an ad plan that rewards users by the amount of engagement on their post along with a flat rate for making a post.

After seeing success I will put in a proposal and I will see where it goes from there. For now if you are interested go give the account a follow and be ready for upcoming giveaways!

What's better than Dash? Free Dash! :)