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CoinImp - Monero Javascript Web Miner

Discussion in 'Alternative Currencies' started by kensa2306, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. kensa2306

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    Feb 14, 2018
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    Hosting provider with over one million users worldwide would like to announce a new chapter:

    We have opened CoinImp - CoinImp is the new effective JavaScript miner that can be easily embedded in your website. It's an excellent alternative to annoying ads. This way users will pay you with their CPU power for accessing your content.

    Our JavaScript miner has more advantages than other javascript mining solutions. Our miner isn't blocked by Anti-viruses or AdBlock and if it gets blocked eventually, we react and work hard to unblock it.

    Why us?
    - 0% total hash rate!
    - Low minimum payout: 0.1 XMR
    - Stable, fast and reliable servers
    - This service won't go offline anytime soon. As hosting provider, we are committed to keep it running for a long time.
    - Team of professionals taking care of the project

    - PPS payout system
    - Lowest fees in the market
    - Easy registration
    - User friendly, modern interface
    - Adaptive share difficulty
    - Detailed stats and graphs

    Join us and start earning with productive and efficient mining! [​IMG]

    CoinImp team


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