Burnt Hamster Minestrone

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Mar 11, 2017
Layout has been finished for the creative content of my Arts & Lit zine that I will be
promoting Dash currency in. It is an 11X17 full color 8 Page mag with the back page
reserved for content contributor promotion and sponsor space for Dash.

I could use some help getting the right graphics for an informative Dash promo on
back page at 10.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep, I have asked in slack for help with
this but nobody has responded.

I am ready to go to press as soon as I complete my promo page and have already been
sending my partner out with samples for the front page. We will be distributing about
half the copies in vape shops, adult video stores, coffee shops, head shops, etc., as
a counterculture Arts & Lit mag here in North Central OH.

This is our first issue and we plan on doing this about every 3 or 4 months as we get
enough art and lit submissions to put together the next issue. Dash will be the only
sponsor feature, no local ads will be sold, so if anybody can help point to graphics
and a wiki on what we can advertise, I would much appreciate it.

Can't seem to upload the picture of our front page, so I'll post the link to my last Steemit
post where I mention Dash as part of the impetus for putting together this project, on
Page 7.

Not open for further replies.