Bug Insurance?


Feb 12, 2017
We have a massive bug bounty program. We need to one up all the other crypto's so why not have a Insurance fund for double spend or some other bug that would not be critical enough for a blockchian rollback. Businesses want to reduce their risk as much as possible. For Dash to get a upper hand in the market it would be a very good idea to offer some program like this. Even if the chances of such event are indeed zero, it will make companies feel safer trusting their business to dash. This would cover code mistakes by dash core or other highly reviewed code and not merchant style mishaps.

One could ague that people could just go to masternode owners for payback of lost funds due to a minor issue. I think it is important to have a pre-established guideline for what would be expected. I'm not looking to do this but perhaps if we see a need someone can toss a proposal up.
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