Breaking Down Dash's Treasury Adjustment Options

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Jul 15, 2014
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For followers of Dash, the initial shock of Ryan Taylor's closing keynote speech at the Dash Open House in December of 2019 was quite palpable. Mr. Taylor, the CEO of the Dash decentralized autonomous organization's largest contractor the Dash Core Group, threw a curveball to the audience that was tuning in expecting to see a demonstration of the latest Dash Platform developments. It felt at the time like he hijacked the whole event, as the prevailing expectation in the community was that this event was solely designed to show Dash Platform's possibilities.

Mr. Taylor closed a successful day for Dash with an unrelated, but in hindsight very important, speech about Dash's economic setup. Why was Dash, a cryptocurrency with amazing technology and successful adoption efforts around the world, a digital currency that's simply a joy to use, doing so badly in the markets? This formerly top 10 project was dropping like a stone in the CoinMarketCap rankings, with other coins that pale in comparison to Dash's accomplishments seemingly leap-frogging it on a regular basis...

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