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Mar 17, 2015
I work on daily basis with Sergei from Etherdesign on different design tasks. Last weeks Sergei from Etherdesign was totally focused on design details. Together with our developers he made a ton of work with the new website.
Our next focus will be new Dash visual identity (branding book, logos, fonts, templates). This work was already started but postponed due to the urgent tasks required to finish website.
Current status of branding redesign (first draft):
  • Logotypes (first proposal submitted)
  • Icons (first proposal submitted)
  • Logos Styles (first proposal submitted)
  • Color Schemes (first proposal submitted)
  • Fonts (first proposal submitted)
  • Business cards (todo)
  • Word templates (todo)
  • Powerpoint template (todo)
  • Dash presentation (todo)
  • Dash conference handouts (work in progress)
  • Marketing materials (todo)
Details available in this location:
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