Blast from the past - Evan Duffield @ 2017 DASH Open House - What is DASH & Where Is It Going?


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Jul 12, 2015
On stage: Evan, Ryan and Amanda, Arizona State University

No mention of HPMNs. A lot of excitement and things that would never be. Transcript below.

Evan Duffield -
“Oddly enough, I just met two people, one that knows go, as I was coming out here. And one that knows mongodb, which could be a really cool way of converting Sentinel over so we could actually fix the sharding scalability issue with the network. Like, I figured that out while you were talking just now. It came out of you [points, laughs]. Like there’s a really good idea in there where we could shard the database off into like 256 places using mongo, and then use it as a value-keystore and from that we can pretty much grow to any size of transactional volume. Right? And that’s something that could happen now, with a separate implementation and then the Core team. So no one’s stopping us [“So we’re block stepping us”???], we’ll all work together as two independent organizations, two DAOs [“wowww”], both with funding from the blockchain. So this is going to be like – oh, wowfully ranting here. Also it will have it’s own Internet presence, it’s own slack. So I think that’s how our economy stands. We don’t even know what to do with the money if it does grow like that, right? Like, you’ve no idea, we would just start putting it in bank accounts or something, like [audience laughs], what do you do? No banks! No banks. [audience laugh].

So what we need to do is, we need to fund the other parts of the economy. We need branch offices next, that could be a DAO. And it can run on this Go software, or it could run on the third implementation. And then, like, maybe we just, like, look at the different countries, figure out what they like, what types of languages they like, and put a foundation in those places and then we start building out a new implementation again. And suddenly we have twelve implementations, all ran by different DAOs, and on our network, and completely decentralized. Like, that takes a lot of money to do and it kind of solves the issue I think [laughs]. So, like, this is kind of whatt I’ve been thinking about over the last few months is, how I’m going to be interacting with the project, and I currently run the foundation as executive director. I need to get a special seat on the board as an advisor. And I also took my masternodes down. I feel, like, if I have this much influence, I don’t want to be voting for my own ideas through the network. It sounds like corruption, right? So, I want to be an outside observer, and I kinda wanna fund a lot of these, like, new thriving companies within this space and then we’ll fund them through the DAO system. It could be an interesting… [applause].

And so I don’t think I have that much else to say. I thank you all for coming out. It’s been an incredible experience and I’ll turn it back to Amanda. [applause]”
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