Bitcuners Meetup Proposal


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Jan 4, 2016
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Bitcuners is a group of crypto enthusiast that have succesfully meet up for about 2 years bringing together people that want to share or get information about criptocurrencies and blockchain.

Bitcuners have been distributing knowledge at a local and national level by participating in Cryptocurrency events like LaBitConf in Mexico, and Anarchapulco.

It has also organized talks across different unviversities, workspaces and community centers in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and others.

It has successfully contributed to project such as Bitcoin, NXT, DASH, Solarcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We have also helped users getting into trading, getting their first crypto and talking about the different coins in the ecosystem.

We have focused our talks about private invormation, censorship resistant qualities of the blockchain and the decentralization of everything as well as talks for entrepreneur to build and design ICOs and other blockchain properties.

We also have 24/7 channels on Telegram and social media where we share articles, books and news for more information about the technology.

With a DASH sponsorship we can increase our reach and appeal to more people so we can carry the evangelization of cryptocurrencies including DASH to more people locally as well as nationally.

We have detected there has been many crypto-based pyramid scams, where they have succesfully acquired a large audience, also we do believe this audience is driven by greed and not knowledge we want to educate people in the city by dedicating time to do traditional media promotion of our group and the information of how cryptocurrency really work.

We are asking for a small budget of 16 DASH a month to cater to our live meetings and be able to give attendies a more friendly and attractive environment.

Picking up our dinner tap for our dinners will make our meetings which go from 7.30 to midnight a bit more enjoyable for the majority as well as see how cryptocurrencies are actually a living thing that have real impact in our daily life.

We also planning on using this money by sharing the dash directly to the attendies so they have to do trade in order to get the money to buy their drinks. So is a great excercise of how DASH can be used as digital cash.

Finally if there is a remainer from the budget, we can re-use that dash to run group promotion on local media through the print out of flyers, and such.