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Bitcoin Cash Passes Early-August Bitcoin Transactions, Fees Remain Low

Discussion in 'Articles/News' started by mastermined, Aug 17, 2017.

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    May 26, 2014
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    he Bitcoin Cash network is currently processing more transactions than Bitcoin did early August at exceptionally low fees, providing a vindication of the big-block scaling approach.

    Bitcoin Cash, which forked off of the main Bitcoin chain at the beginning of the month, processed a high of 26,500 transactions the first week of August before tapering down to under 10,000 recently. This week, however, the transaction volume increased to briefly to 135,550 per 24 hours. This is more than the Bitcoin network handled on August 1st, which was 131,000 transactions. Bitcoin Cash was able to process this amount without any major congestion problems due to its 8mb blocks (compared to Bitcoin’s 1mb).
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