Benevity, Dash and Doing-more-good for the win!

How likely would MNOs be to pay for this type of integration?

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May 21, 2015
FYI - @Ryan Taylor / Dash Business Development

I sent this message to Benevity via their RFP website form...

All -- Please share comments below, as I wait for a response. (Check out their partners and products)



I was looking for some volunteer work, when I came across a post of someone who used your product, needing help. After doing some research on, I think I may have stumbled upon a triple win (or more) situation.

As a philanthropist / entrepreneur / software engineer engaged in cryptography and blockchain technology... I want to volunteer with your company to include another form of payment, beyond credit cards and paypal. I want to help you add a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, called Dash (Digital Cash - Dash is a serious player in the cryptocurrency world, with a market cap of ~1.3 Billion, monthly development budgets of ~1.2 Million and extensive crypto-wallet support.

Here are the wins I currently see --
1) Benevity: New markets, as the donation space for the global 110 Billion (USD) cryptocurrency market is virtually un-tapped
2) Charities: Get more money, to do more good
3) Benevity: Your customers have more payment options
4) Dash: Brand recognition through your established platform suite
5) Benevity: Very fast transactions, with low transaction processing fees (~3.6 cents USD) regardless of the value
6) Dash: Increased currency demand
7) Benevity / Dash: Collaborative marketing opportunities to very similar demographic target markets
8) Benevity: The Dash governance model will pay for the integration through their proposal process, if approved. (next proposal funding round in 21 days)

Benevity seems to be the market leader in this "doing good" space and this could be a significant competitive advantage keeping them in the lead.

After passing this message along... Please reach out regarding this important partnership opportunity via phone, email or this Dash Forum Post.

Kindest Regards,
-- Kevin Colussi
Dash Masternode Owner / Proposal Voting Member

Original volunteer post:
Dash MarketCap:
Dash Current Proposals / Development Budget:
Dash PreProposal Forum:
Benevity API integration:
Benevity Causes Portal:
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