Beginners experience with mining


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May 30, 2014
As somone new to the the crypto world as a whole, and probably one of the least tech savy people here i just wanted
to share a few thoughts and links that helped me get started. First off i want to thank everyone involved with the forum
it has a a wealth of info and, was one of the first places i came when i made the decision to start mining DRK as a hobby and learn more about it.

So on to mining. My first attempt at mining i installed a copy of sgminer tried to run it, and it was a complete failure
i realized then i had no idea how to cofigure and operate this program. So i deleted it and went for something more simple.
I found this guide. With a GUI miner and easy set up instructions

At first i was just happy to be mining. But after a few hours and checkig my details i realized i was only mining at a tiny fraction of my
GPU's potential 15/khs. So after further inspection i noticed this line on my miner display during startup "Warning gpu max allocation undefined" so Several hours of research insued. I would find forums, and posts and ppl talking about put this in your batch file or that in your config file but not explaining at all how to accomplish this.(Forgive my ignorance). After a while i finally came across something very helpful

So after finding this and remembering some info i read from another post " If you have guiminer, uninstall it. guiminer is too generic to get maximum hash rate out of your setup. To relate to the car-tuning world, guiminer is like a collection of off the shelf ECU maps. Your car may run a little better than it did before, but not everyone’s car is the same and there is always some room for improvement."
I decided to try my hand at SGMINER again. I figured i had enough knowledge now to be able to properly set it up and run it. i was excited thinking i would finally be able to get maximum performance out of my equipment and finally see some DRK in my wallet.Once setup and turned on however i began getting 100% share above target returns. BLOWER

So i went back to old GUI miner, slow but working. After putting some of the heavy reading i was doing to use i was able to edit the batch file to allow 100% allocation for GPU.
This was luke warm success at best i did improve my hashrate, but still averaging under 50khs. This was around the time i tried cpu mining and was somewhat shocked to find out that my CPU was
a pretty gangster little mining machine atleast as far as CPU go(from what i hear)i was consistently getting 200khs or above. This made me more determined to get more hash out of my gpu.
I began doing more reading on sgminer, i installed different versions, tried different settings in my batch and config files. No luck, still 100% share above target errors.

More reading WTF does share above target mean?
After google searches, reading posts every were, this is an extremely common issue with no definitive answer atleast note for me. Anyhow through my reading someone made a connection to the worker share rate
and the share above target error. Saying if your worker tries to submit a share higher than his share rate it gets rejected, share above target. So i went back to the config files. I tried changing worksize, and intensity, just more Errors.
So now im thinking maybe I should try attacking the problem the other way around maybe i could edit the worker settings in my pool. Apparently they don't exist atleast not in DRKPOOL. This was about the time i decided that maybe i should just switch to a pool
with more available work.

I started looking into P2p pools. After a quick search i found the SimpleDRK p2p pool
followed the config instructions on the home page for sphsgminer. Success 1.3mhs out of my GPU.
After a week long journey i finally got my first DRK deposits in my wallet this morning. TOUCHDOWN BABY!!!!

So for all the NEWBS like myself don't give up and you will be rewarded