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B2B/B2C Dash Payment System by DashPeople

Discussion in 'Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Dash People, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Apr 8, 2018
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    Dear Dash Community,
    Thank you for giving us to be a part of you! We feel that we actually participate in the very outstanding project which gathers so many talented individuals. This is amazing to watch how Dash is spreading over the world and making people from different countries involved and interested in Dash Ecosystem. We frequently notice once a person tries Dash he (or she) starts not only using it but promoting Dash as well. This is indicative of how we differ from other crypto communities.

    We analyze Dash development and talk to Dash Community members a lot. We attend many crypto conferences and monitor crypto market trends. We realize what issues we are all caring of. Dash promotion is aimed to solve two tasks simultaneously. On the one hand, Dash needs to be recognizable on the market. On the other hand, for Dash this is important to be the digital cash used by people preferably. A special case is the B2B sector adoption.
    We do want to show via our work that:
    1. Dash is able to become money;
    2. Dash can refine product turnover and trade;
    3. Dash can improve human relationships;
    4. Dash can totally win trust.

    Dash Community has got all the facilities to implement these tasks because Dash has the certain value which we can deliver to the market.
    This is the unique option of low-cost transactions. It’s better to say, almost cost-free transferring to any part of the world.
    To make the value entirely exposed to the market we think that participating in conferences and internet marketing are not enough. Attending international conferences and meetups we notice that mostly participants and guests are enthusiasts, we mean these are people who promote their ICOs. There are a few representatives from real retail business. Actually, there are no merchants who can be our Dash target customers. Many visitors at the crypto/high-tech conferences can’t even imagine the possibilities and advantages provided by Dash.
    At the same time, based on our professional opinion Dash engaging in different kinds of exchange and payment platforms operating with fiats doesn’t give opportunities to develop. These platforms occur and disappear as soon as banks close their accounts. This is understandable if we are talking from the point of financial and banking organizations, including almost all financial regulators.
    The value of the most crypto mechanisms, beginning from Bitcoin, is concluded in the fact that the world society can step aside Bretton Wood institutions and with doing it the society disposes of “tax” demanded by financiers . We all as individuals or business units are used to paying financial organizations. Crypto mechanisms are under pressure from financial organizations. This is logical. However, upcoming crypto economy is inevitable. Financial institutes have no chance to break it down. Realizing this fact helps us to act confidently.
    Important to point out that the next crisis is coming. If the world could avoid it then banks and other financial organizations would share their profit to decrease the tension in the society. Obviously, the next crisis will happen because of the fact that there are so giant debts that can’t be just refinanced with the current bank interests. At the same time, to raise bank interests means inability to serve the debts. Therefore, there is no way to make bank interests up. The Bretton Wood system is getting to be failed and dragging down to the abyss old financial organizations with their domination and high intermediate profit.
    Since crypto technology as the alternative mechanism already exists this is no point to creating something else new. Therefore, we should develop the crypto technology not just for necessity but also for actuality. Moreover, persons who succeed in this activity those will get maximum share of assets that the financial sector have to refuse.

    Regarding to this issue, we are working on a platform aimed to expand Dash presence as money device worldwide and starting our activity in Europe.
    This platform at the beginning is going to allow abstemiously but at the same time entirely to use all Dash advantages in real business process, transactions, purchasing, international payments, loan secured by Dash (that are actually more safe for both the lenders and the borrowers) and also in organization of Dash safe share ownership.
    We think now Dash has everything for these services except trust. Therefore, to make people trust Dash this is the main mission for our team today.

    Now running for concrete deals, we’re working on a system (platform) to perform DASH FRIENDLY project that will allow us to deliver additional financial services to Dash users (for both participating parties: individuals and business). This platform release needs quit a lot of time but we are going to use this period to solve promotion tasks.
    By the time the platform will be done we want the level of Dash penetration and recognizability will have been high on the market. Of course, we understand and get ready to support customers with our trading instruments. Especially, we would like to point out that we are going to provide liquidity by our own funds with the aim to reinforce trust in Dash.
    Our team has done a preparatory work to launch merchants’ engagement. We intend to stimulate not only individual purchasing using discount programs but also create partnership chains inside business. We started from Croatia since we’ve reached agreements with few business owners there. The governmental loyalty to crypto currency and our solid relationships with governmental persons play a significant role in this process too.
    After a release of the platform with all finished functions we plan to expand our activity worldwide.
    Russia participates in the project but in a light format until the legislation appears.

    1. Merchants.

    How does it work?
    We allocate our “Dash friendly” sticker at a cashier or/and at a retail point front door to make consumers informed about Dash payment opportunity. The sticker is supplied with the unique QR code which identifies the retail place. Scanning the QR code a client makes a purchase.

    Use story
    • Cafe "Falcon" on the second beach line in Budva
    • A waiter at the cafe
    • The owner of the cafe
    • Kim So Hyun, a tourist from South Korea
    • Kim So Hyun came from South Korea to enjoy an Adriatic seaside
    • She came to Budva city
    • Kim So Hyun wants some refreshment with a glass of beer, while she was walking on a hot summer day.
    • She enters the first nice looking cafe. Accidentally it's "Falcon". So, she orders a glass of beer.
    • She finishes a beer and requests a bill.
    • Waiter offer 3 options to her
      • Cash
      • Credit card
      • Dash
    • Kim So Hyun chooses Dash.
    • Waiter provides her with QR-code for payment.
    • Kim So Hyun opens her Dash wallet on her smartphone and pays for a beer. After the payment, she continues her walk.
    • Dashes immediately added to "Falcon's" Dash-wallet.
    • Cafe "Falcon" closed after 2 am
    • By "Falcon's" setting at the Platform:
    • 80% of daily Dashes are converted into fiat and sent to "Falcon's" bank account.
    • 20% remains on "Falcon's" wallet
    • (Auto-transfer on schedule and partial transfers are optional. The owner of "Falcon" could do it either manually and in whole)
    • The platform generates Dash transaction. The Platform withdraws a required amount of Dashes from "Falсon's" wallet and sends them to the Platform wallet.
    • Simultaneously platform sends fiat equivalent to the "Falcon's" bank account.

    • Backend
    • Web admin interface for businesses
    FunctionsIdeally, we have to interview a dozen of real-business owners for what they need. However, we could guess:
    • Sign up
      • Business Dash wallet form
      • Business bank account form
      • Business description form
    • Know your customer's forms and procedures
    • Manual conversion
    • Conversion on schedule
    • History and stats
    • Support
    • Support admin interface on everything above
    As we mention above at the beginning of the project we are going to provide liquidity for transactions using our own funds.
    Technically, scanning the QR code a client make a transaction to our Dash Wallet which is bond with to this QR code.
    The interaction we’re describing here seems to be special. However, at the beginning of our DASH FRIENDLY activity we have to use this way because of the reason to reduce human bias and crypto unawareness that present among business owners so far. They need time to get used to crypto issues at their territory. Moreover, we prepared and started using gift cards- crypto wallets. Each card is funded with Dash amount that is equivalent to 4,00 USD enough for a cup of coffee. The reason is to make people immediately try Dash and know how it works. At most important places we are going to put Dash ATMs where people will be able to get Dash. Necessary to say, they will be able to do it with no additional fees.
    Links: http://www.generalbytes.com/
    General Bytes
    We’ve got arrangement with the ATM company.

    Merchants perceive our offer about Dash payments positively in common. Of course, we need to imply the ideological work with them. Not all of the business owners understand the advantages of crypto currency use clearly. However, they can’t deny the fact that this collaboration means to them:
    1. Decreasing of transaction fees (sometime quit significantly);
    2.Diverse payment ways raise consumer loyalty;
    3.The collaboration increases the number of customers and users for both parties;
    4.The united marketing promotion mutually strengthens their market positions and ours as well;
    5. To operate with crypto means to be in a modern trend.

    Since we are not totally satisfied with purchasing options at retail places we go more further.
    We decided to build partnership chains in business.
    Our aim is to initiate Dash transactions between merchants and contractors. For example, our team is dealing with a restaurant business Сinkus in Zagreb (the Capital of Croatia) http://www.kletcinkus.hr/klet/. The owner of the restaurant will accept Dash for his service and then make payments in Dash to his suppliers and contractors. Suppliers in their turn use Dash to pay further business needs and so on.

    Specially supporting this activity we launch a business of bottled water distribution with Dash payments among our partners, restaurants and tour buses in Croatia.As an example, ANDELA VARAZDIN MUSEUM started using Dash. We arranged the agreement already.So, we created the first logistic chain using payments in Dash to demonstrate business owners productivity and advantages of the Payment System Dash Digital Cash.

    This way we are going to build close relationships inside certain business groups.

    We target on rental business in Croatia now. These are apartments rental, yachts rental and cars rental.

    We also focus on travel agencies and restaurant business. Medical tourism is potential and perspective in this region too. We see they are ready to accept Dash for their service.
    In each first cases we will try to build partnership chains.
    DASH FRIENDLY activity is considered to base on the principle “from door to door” using all tools of networking. Internet marketing support and PR events will exist as an additional option to this work. Due to persuade business owners to participate in the chain and accept consumers’ payments in Dash we need talking to each of them personally. I state it as a professional sale manager and marketer. Dash is a product which introduces a new life philosophy. It makes marketers use the missionary approach. For the best result we prefer to visit 12-15 merchants/per week (60-75/monthly) and extract concrete agreements from 50% of them than spread expensive internet advertising covering thousands of “cold” merchants who will just obtain the potential readiness to know more about Dash. To lead a merchant to a decision of joining to Dash Ecosystem is mostly possible only via a private talk. The factor of personal trust is huge.
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    Apr 8, 2018
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    How are we going to operate on the market?
    First target is Croatia as we mentioned above.
    Croatia is a sovereign state situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, on the Adriatic Sea. Its capital is Zagreb, which forms one of the country's primary subdivisions, along with its twenty counties. Croatia has a total area of 56,594 square kilometres (21,851 square miles) and a population of 4.28 million, most of whom are Roman Catholics.

    A high 7-month season has begun already. It usually lasts from April till October. Therefore, this is important for Dash to be at the right time and at the right place. Most retailers and merchants work on the top of their capacity at this period.According to the statistics- 2017, 18,5 millions of tourists visited the country last year.
    Tourism is one of the main profit income for Croatia (20-25% of total income) .
    The positive atmosphere encourages people to be well receptive to new ideas. For successful promotion this factor is really significant.I am going to handle our Croatian staff personally.
    (I would be very glad to Dash Core support in marketing research for the spheres preferable to penetrate Dash Friendly as we discussed it personally with Ryan Taylor at the meeting in Arizona on 18thMay).

    The Plan to action.
    - 6 months of the dynamic activity during the high season;
    - Negotiations with 15 merchants/per week; 60 merchants/per month; Totally for 6 months-360 private negotiations with merchants;
    - Cities of our interest: Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija, Cres, Krk, Dubrovnik, Split, Osijek;
    - Weekly and monthly reports (on DashPeople YouTube channel) for Dash Community to monitor and analyze how our Dash penetration is going on to the Croatian market.
    - GR with Croatian government and obtaining supports;
    - PR events to attract new Dash users; 5000-7000 Dash card holders for 7 months;
    - Allocating Dash ATMs at crowded places; 4 Dash ATMs for 6 months.

    Planning results:
    - 360 merchants and retailers will be properly informed about Dash and benefits provided by Dash via private negotiations;
    - 60-75% of business units are going to adopt Dash
    From 60-75%:
    - 45-55% of merchants will tell their customers about Dash payment opportunity and be our Dash promoters;
    From 45-55%:
    - 25-30% of merchants will make transactions in Dash.
    From 5000-7000 Dash card holders approximately:
    60-70% one time users; one time transactions
    30%-40% new Dash users who start pay in Dash.

    This is not the end.

    2. Loan disbursement secured by Dash

    Use story

    · Anton is looking for an opportunity to loan some fiat money for a while.
    · Maxim, Igor, Nancy and Kim Won Bin have some amount of US dollars. Also, they want to make some income on cryptocurrency, but yet not ready to buy it.
    · Platform
    · Anton sees a potential opportunity to make money right now, but he needs some operational funds in fiat.
    · Anton has 1K Dash, but he isn't ready to sell them. However, he's ready to use them as a security deposit.
    · Anton requests the Platform for a loan
    · He would like to loan $300K for 6 months with 4% interest ratio
    · Maxim, Igor, Nancy and Kim Won Bin are clients of the Platform. They want to make a passive income from their USD savings.
    · Maxim, Igor, Nancy and Kim Won Bin provide information on how much they would like to invest:
    o Maxim is ready to invest $150K
    o Igor is ready to invest $50K
    o Nancy is ready to invest $100K
    o Kim Won Bin is ready to invest $250K
    · The Platform informs Maxim, Igor and Nancy about Anton's request.
    · Creditors make a decision:
    o Maxim is ready to invest everything he has
    o Igor is ready to invest only 1/2 of his budget
    o Nance declines Anton's request
    · The Platform informs Kim Won Bin about Anton's request
    · Kim Won Bin decides to cover rest of the requested credit
    · At the same time:
    o The Platform withdraw a certain amount of money from Maxim, Igor and Kim Won Bin
    o Multisignature is applied to Anton's secure deposit
    o Platform sends $300K to Anton's bank account
    · Anton uses his credit
    · Repayment of the loan
    o Anton sends monthly payments or whole sum with %
    o The Platform splits money between the creditors according to credited rate
    o The Platform sends the security deposit back to Anton.


    · Backend
    · Borrower interface
    · Creditor interface
    · Support & admin interface
    · Sing up
    · Creation of borrowing message
    · Board of messages
    · Adding and withdrawing fiat
    · Adding and withdrawing Dash
    · Multi Signing
    · Stats and history
    · Administration capabilities

    The unique Dash features allows do the cases safe absolutely to all people even if they don’t know each other.

    Technical solutionArchitectural overview
    The Platform as based on a module concept and microservice architecture. Each module launches in its container and independent from others.
    This approach allows flexible scaling to endure load and easily overcome outage of one or few components.
    The Platform designed with high load and zero-downtime in mind. We use best practices of services development. They scale at ease to needed performance to sustain customers needs. To make the Platform fault-tolerant all modules are doubled.
    Microservices communicate with themselves through versioned REST API. That let us achieve flexible development of each component without affecting the whole system.

    About software reports:

    1. We provide weekly reports to Dash Community about the development process.
    2. Beta version will be available to Dash Community as soon as it is released.
    3.Dash Community gets all questions answered by our software specialists.
    Our team:
    Elena Besedina
    , PhD, economist, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, DashPeople.
    Work experience in Sale and Marketing is over 18 years. The most significant achievements in:
    1) Mercedes-Benz car dealership (Russian representative); BMW&MINI car dealership (Russian representative);
    2) Development & Construction business.Car business - 8,5years.
    Development sphere – 5 years.
    Positions: since 2008 -Chief Sale Officer;
    since 2011- current time - Chief Sale and Marketing Officer.
    Aleksandr Katyshkin, founder DashPeople, an entrepreneur. He successfully runs a company that has been operating on the international market for more than 20 years. Experience in the banking sphere.
    Roman Nevelskij – marketer, event manager DashPeople.
    Aleksandr Ivanov - system administrator.
    Irina Kutuzova - PR manager.
    Maria Katyshkina – copywriter and translator.
    Maria Maksimova – translator.
    Damir Slavich – Croatien official representative DashPeople. More over 25-year experience in international companies.

    Our IT developers:
    Aleksey Derevyankin
    has more than 14 years of experience in software and web&cloud services development.
    He participated in Ericsson's telecommunication projects as a senior engineer. Then, he led a testing team responsible for photo and video sharing in Skype (Microsoft).
    He managed and led greatest change in offline business in Russia and Kazakhstan for recent few years: Online cash registers reform. He is the CTO of https://www.1-ofd.ru
    He has hands on exp in cryptocurrency and blockchain development. He led and managed cryptocurrency part of osadc.io
    Danis Timofeev has more than 13 years of experience in software and web&cloud services development.
    As an engineer and senior, he participated in Motorola cell phones UI (iPhones in the pre-iPhone era), self-service payment kiosks network and distributed file storage servers.

    Heled and managed
    · Test team at EMC's Centerra storage. (Clients: Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Siemens, Bosch and many others big enterprises)
    · LG Electronics cloud. Development from scratch and lunch into production.
    · Helped to create and launch few clouds in Russia: Croc, DataPro
    · Dropbox-like service for file sharing for Megafon Ru and Vodafone Tr
    · Few systems for data harvesting and extraction from the web.
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    Additional information:
    We designed online dropping Dash transactions show: www.dashpeople.com.
    Just for an interest and new Dash followers’ attraction. We really concern these transactions to occur more and more. We hope for increasing the quantity of dropping balls.
    https://axecap.ru:9100/~alex.ivanov/protected/mydocuments/pwd/NKAIYBNM/Dash trans Vis.png
    Guys, let’s do this “from door to door” promotion. We do believe that Dash needs these kinds of activity today. We all will see the perfect result in increasing number of transactions. We will get new Dash users and promoters. We strengthen our Dash position on the market.
    We have been already working on our DASH Friendly project for these months as we understand the situation that is happening with DASH. However, the project is very complex and expensive. We can’t entirely implement it alone without Dash Community support. Being Dash investors we actually care of marketing effectiveness and Dash stamina.
    We hope for your support.
    Thank you very much!

    Breakdown of cost
    1. The platform developing -110 Dash/monthly
    2. Printed materials and brochures-3,16 Dash
    3. Office rent -6,34 Dash /monthly
    4. Business travels, transport cost -15,84 Dash/monthly
    5. Operation cost -9,50 Dash/monthly
    6. Gift cards deposit (including printing)-19 Dash (4$/per card for coffee transaction)
    7.Team salary:
    1) Head of Sale and Promotion 9,5 Dash/monthly
    2)Manager 1 -4,75 Dash/monthly
    3)Manager 2 – 4,75 Dash/monthly
    4) Customer service specialist -3,16 Dash/monthly
    8. Representative cost/GR -9,50 Dash/monthly
    9. Copywriting/journalist -1,58 Dash/monthly
    10. Cameraman (weekly videos and reports; video train materials)- 3,16 Dash/monthly
    11. City event partnerships 3,16 Dash/monthly
    12. Internet marketing 3,16 Dash/monthly
    13. Offline advertising (Mass Media, TV, billboards)-15,84 Dash/monthly
    14. Dash flags for “rent a boat” companies -15 Dash
    15. Open air Dash parties – 2-3 events -19 Dash/per event
    16. Dash ATMs – 4units- 7,92 Dash/each- total 31,68 Dash
    Total: 288 Dash/month

    (English subs in comments)

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    A lot of interesting information here. Thank you! But I have one simple question - which payment system can be used with Dash? I use one of the payment gateways available in the Europe which is called Fondy. Never heard about it? It's new, As I know, some people use PayPal or other popular payment systems in order to trade cryptocurrencies. But what about Fondy? Can it be that payments will be available with this system? And is it possible anyway? I'm new with Dash, to be honest, so I don't really know much about how to buy and sell it.
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    It was an informative post.