Any one with dash future prediction ?


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Sep 19, 2014
It will continue it's decline into irrelevance.

The scam coins (so-called "industry leaders") have secured "government coin" status by constructing the perfect lie, complete with legitimized bribes extorted from all through regulatory fraud.


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Jul 12, 2015
i do want to know if anyone with knowledge of dash future prediction?
I can't say for sure but my guess is, the price will go to about 200 USD and then stall until certain people within DCG are replaced.

Actually, anything could happen, who knows, but I wonder how far dash can go when for so long, the crypto press constantly calls dash a "privacy coin" yet DCG has never leveraged that perception. Indeed, DCG has actively pursued the opposite, telling everyone that dash is just like bitcoin. People (potential users) aren't stupid, they don't particularly find a regulator friendly coin attractive. I mean, this is why they enter the cryptosphere, to try and escape regulatory madness.


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Oct 3, 2020
Will Dash Price Go Up?
it is difficult to say.

Years ago when Dash was trading at $2 or $3, to think that Dash would be worth $40 would be crazy.

Today, it seems very cheap if we look at prices above $1,000, but the big question is, was it crazy at $1,000, or is it now at $40?

Let's think that for example Dash is now capitalized at $450,000,000, what does Dash do that is worth that money?

Save lives, produce rockets, drill for oil...?

No, it simply allows you to confirm P2P transactions at high speed, safely, and privately if you wish.

To give it liquidity, it depends on exchanges, since by itself, Dash would not be a means of payment if tomorrow it disappears from all exchanges.

Dash could very well go back to trading at $1, and no one could say that it is expensive or cheap. In the same way that you could not tell if it returns to $1000.

I say it and I repeat it, the only thing that can make Dash have any real value, is that its demand is necessary.

No one is going to use Dash if being able to use a credit card, no matter decentralization, no matter privacy... most people don't care about that.

But if you get people to use Dash in addition to payments, for many other things like storing data, creating a social network, using it in video games, renting a movie, voting for your best song... then it is possible that yes, that dash starts to be worth more. But simply for payments, Dash is very little essential.

I hope that Dash rises on its own merits and not by simple speculation, since if it does, it will go back down and end up being worth little or nothing.

All the best
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Aug 6, 2014
I suspect Bitcoin price bottomed at $17,567 and that sell pressure is decreasing on Altcoins and their prices. I suspect that Bitcoin price will linger a bit longer at these lower price levels (below $32,000), while Altcoins could be taking off in a few months. With maybe a new Altcoins Season forming.

Keep an eye on this chart :

if you zoom max out, you will notice that there are cycles of Bitcoin Season and Altcoins Season. Crypto markets just got out of a Bitcoin Season and may be heading to an Altcoins Season in 3 or 4 months, once enough Altcoins start to outperform Bitcoin. I think Dash will do well in the next Altcoins Season, as its own multi-year down cycle is coming to an end.

For the future i hope to see trustless masternode shares to be introduced to the Dash community, so more people will start to invest in Dash. Specially if you look at what has been happening with big crypto corporations like Celsius, which offers unrealistic large rewards to customers when they store their crypto with them, but then resort to the freeze of customer withdrawals, because of a very unsound business plan / strategy behind those unrealistic large rewards (the saying : if something looks too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true .. comes to mind), i think we could easily promote a trustless way of earning Dash, which maybe gives lower Dash returns but is far more safe, decentralized and trustless to use.
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