Announcing 2 new services on the Dash Crypto portal: Questions and Answers + Dash Discussions

Aug 27, 2016
Cryptocurrency hasn't been around too long and it's natural that many of us have questions about how it works. This is especially true about Dash, as it's been among the most innovative projects in the industry. Even for the tech-savvy among us, it can be tough to really have a grasp on all the new developments. That's why having a space that fosters constructive exchanges is so beneficial. Enter Questions & Answers and Dash Discussions.

Dash Questions & Answers uses a Stack Overflow-style layout. Commonly-asked questions can be up-voted, as can good answers, so that key information is easy to find.

Dash Discussions is Reddit-style, with threaded discussions. This layout makes for easy uptake of the discourse that's already occurred, which in turn increases user participation.

Our goal with these two new components of the Dash Crypto portal is to boost the Dash ecosystem — to have an environment of mutual respect and positive engagement, where those new to crypto or to Dash can feel both informed and included.

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