Aug 19, 2015
Greetings! I started to work on interesting, in my mind, project called (from digital expert club). This topic was created in order to better motivate myself, to inform the community about a potential bridgehead for publication Dash materials (and not only), and try to find at least a little help and support.

Working plan:

  • 1. Site’s concept (80% complete).
  • 2. Domain name registration (100% complete).
  • 3. Technical planning, site filling (60% complete).
  • 4. Design creating (80% complete).
  • 5. Design page-proofs (10% complete).
  • 6. Coding (1% complete).
  • 7. Filling the basic content (not started).
  • 8. Final testing (not started).
  • 9. Hosting, project start (not started).
  • 10. Soft work (not started).
  • 11. SEO (not started).
Total: 30%

1. Site’s concept.

The initial idea arose as a result of reading the Russian branch of our forum. People complained (I hope I didn’t image it myself) the absence of a springboard for Dash Media. I would like to make a news site with the support of the community. Now this idea has evolved into a full multi-lingual portal. So, I decided to finish it in any way (even without any support). At least in order to prove that you can do something worthwhile without having hundreds of thousands dollars. If, for some reasons, I can't do that all the achievements will give community members.

This information portal is intended to cover the world’s events in cryptocurrency field (the emphasis is on Dash community), related technologies, economics, fintech.

It is also planned section for articles and tutorials in order to help beginners users.

Distinctive features of this portal will be a multilateral lighting from different points of view, the events, taking place in the world. Due to the large volume of user-friendly interface with a set of filters to be implemented to obtain information on the desired category.

Audience - first Russia (because it my native language and it will be a little easier), then the English language, so the site will coding immediately with the expectation of extension.

For Dash community this portal will be interesting as a springboard for education and obtain the target audience.

As the basic design will be used (with the permission of the community) Dash brand, it will be an additional advertising for the token.

Project work structure is based on the delegation of authority to the whole team. On the whole portal will be 1-2 Administrator, they have a maximum range of powers. Each language is planned for 2-3 main editor, they can publish papers individually, and confirming editors' work. Editors for each language (about 5 people) can check journalists' work, make changes and publish journalists' news (or their own) with the agreement of 3 or more editors. And reporters (they can appoint an administrator or main editors), entitled only to offer to publish the paper.

3. Technical planning.

Structure - multilingual. Each language unit is coding separately, but with a general template. In this case we shouldn't have any problems with the intersection of links in different languages (in theory, it is more time-consuming embodiment, but more reliable). Publications can be read in all languages (you can set filters optionally). The main page is used for select the native language.

The general structure of the language unit is divided into "home", "for beginners", "papers", "tape", and "about us".

“Home” is the basic (where the filter is applied) page, where news are published.

Too bad that I cannot insert a table in a forum (defect). So we have to break in the lines.

Category: section (according to the sections you can set filters based on personal preference).

Coin: Without coin, Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Other.
Category: Politics, Economy, Investing, Technology, Incidents Opinion.
Country: USA, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, Asia.
Analysis: Course forecast.
Language: Russian, English, other.

What other categories or sections will be of interest?

Display in the header of currency pairs (by default, all is hidden, you can customize the appearance):

Dash / USD
Dash/Rub (for Russian)
Dash / BTC

About 5-10 currency pairs I think. But I do not know which one.

4. Design.

6. First line of code was written today.


In theory, I want to create a great portal, able to work independently, full of different opinions and does not depend on anything.

Funding source: my personal funds and donations.

I would be pleased to get help on any position. I open to advices, ideas and wishes. Part of work will complete by myself, some will go to outsource.

Purses for donations (for any amount):

Dash: XxGUbQwHfbSRGyP6wMoKfMvhhVzVS9gPtz

BTC: 16vv5cjLf5KmBc4zV4zg2WuYMhcK2H4wpW

From Russia with love.
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Jul 14, 2014

This guy is responsible - he helps us with EN-RU translations and so on...

Good luck with your project!
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Aug 19, 2015
Greetings! There was no news quite a long time. Work is slow, but does not stop.

I present to your attention a rough layout of the Russian home page! Please rate and leave any comments or suggestions.

I have to say, coder made a typo in the title, it was noted, so do not dwell on this. Link to review:

About 30% of all work is completed according to my assessment.
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