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Mar 31, 2014
Dash quite amazing project with many special innovations. But in this stage, we only have a humble number of loyalty users. I think, to compete with Bitcoin, we need a target marketing strategy to focus on some of kinds of people before pushing information to all kind people.

1. Techical people

This kind of people having technical background so the can understand many technical hard concepts like masternodes, decentralized governance system, Darksend, and InstantX. This kind of people love the advance features of Dash and they can see the superior of Dash over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

When we have this kind of people, they can help other kind of people by explain them some hard concepts, write guides, translate documents into their own language, or support other kind of people. They may test, discover bugs, and feedback to Dash Core Developers. They can also develop applications for Dash like games or P2P lending, exchange...; integrate Dash with e-commerce websites; and more...

2. Libertarians

This kind of people don't want to be control by any entity, even their government. They love privacy and really want to talk to others about it.

This kind of people have enough energy to spread news about Dash to other people because Dash suitable with their value.

3. Entrepreneurs

This kind of people care about cashflow, long-term profits, and the business model of masternodes will attract them.

This kind of people will invest their money to build masternodes, or invest with technical people to propose projects to enrich features of Dash, or invest to develop applications, websites, and companies to add values to the Dash ecosystem.


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Apr 9, 2014
I totally agree !

For the newcomer video (share and post)
I am researching the above sections in the moment (YT pages , subreddits, IRC channels ,....)
Any pointers and specially links , please pm me
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