Am getting full time into cryptocurrency and here is my choice

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Mar 20, 2021
I have been thinking about getting into cryptocurrency trading on the probit exchange.

I’ve watched videos of people who have traded their cryptocurrencies to other cryptos or
sold them entirely for a profit.

Recently i started trading birdchain on probit exchange

I’m looking for a good coin and from my research i found birdchain
has the potential of reaching a dollar within a few months so i bought lots of it to hold
for a price rise then sell or exchange.

Another thing i liked about birdchain is that i installed their app which rewards me
with birdchain tokens for completing small tasks like watching videos, and playing simple games.

i then send the tokens to the exchange for trading.
Normally these task i give it to my kid to play with.

I known virtually nothing about crypto currency, wallets or exchanges.

I am getting into crypto full time and i hope you guys have some advice for me
and wish me well on my choice for birdchain.
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