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Aidster Platform

Discussion in 'Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Philogynist, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. Philogynist

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    I am looking at ways that I might be able to get a project online. I saw the Dash mention of FB and thought that it might suit my needs. I have been an aid worker for about 17 years, mostly working on shelter and livelihoods projects in disaster and conflict zones. Over the years I have managed the transfer of nearly 600 million dollars in aid, much of that as cash payments. At times I have had to cart bags of cash across inhospitable country. In Afghanistan I was working in places like Kandahar and Jalalabad at a time when there was no security. The platform I was proposing would instead of carrying cash, indirectly transfer a crypto payment to the beneficiaries. It could work off the Dash platform with a variation. Instead of giving the beneficiaries crypto, they would get a debit card that has been charged with a certain value against the Dash transfer that could be redeemed at nominated vendors in the field who would accept Dash as payment. I was proposing to build the platform so that all non-profit agencies could access it. I am in Australia and the amount that the government and the non-profits transfer each year is around 5 billion Aus dollars. Globally there is about 300 billion US dollars transferred annually. Not all is cash to the field of course but it still requires a transfer and exchange to be done. I was aiming to have the platform be able to reconcile the transfers against the agency budgets keeping track of what has been used and not used and a range of other management issues It needs to be simple to use and with a stable value crypto currency. Is this something that would fit in here?