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actual Pool software? get node-stratum-pool / NOMP running

Discussion in 'Questions and Help' started by buechling, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. buechling

    buechling New Member

    Feb 16, 2015
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    I am operating a private pool.. I want to mine darkcoin, but it will not really work..
    can anybody tell me which software is still working now?

    the problem is: the actual network requires that in every block there has to be a masternode donation of 37.5% of the block value. most software does not calculate this. even the official version of nomp gives only 20% - a very old value. i changed this manually to 37.5 % and it worked until last week.. ( but keep in mind: we have to increase to 40% in one week! )

    then came many darkcoin updates in the last days.. and now the software can no longer create valid blocks..

    so my question is: who is running a pool NOW and can tell me which software works? not last month, not last year - now..
    do i have to change something in darkcoin?
    do i have to change something in nomp?
    do you now another working pool software? ( not PPLNS, so not P2Pool please.. )

    Thank you!

    i can not posts links! :( all is on github! ( please can someone pupblish full links? )

    donation in sourcecode: main.cpp#L1413
    old nomp: darkcoin/node-stratum-pool
    my fix for nomp: zone117x/node-stratum-pool/issues/104
    github discussion: darkcoin/darkcoin/issues/149

    error in nomp:
    error in darkcoin daemon:
    proof of running daemon:
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