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2015 April Fool's Day Challenge on IRC Freenode

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by moli, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. moli

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    Aug 5, 2014
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    If you love to solve puzzles and IRC... and would rather do something fun than trolling with the trolls on BCT, /join #ircpuzzles on Freenode network for a fun game...

    Topic for #ircpuzzles is: IRCPuzzles | Welcome to the 2015 April Fool's Day Challenge | The game has begun! | All answer channels will begin with '####' | General tips for the game: https://git.io/j5Zj | First clue: morning light | Hint: one of four | Hint: cardinal | Hint: map


    Running tips for #ircpuzzles
    • if a word has an international spelling that is different than an American spelling, the international spelling is used
    • if an answer has multiple words: they are combined together without spaces
    • reviewing year's past puzzles for April Fool's Day on freenode's blog, might prove fruitful
    • past level 1: no abbreviations are used
    • you can solve all of this with out actually coding anything
    • you can solve all of this with just a web browser and access to a useful search engine,https://duckduckstart.com/
    • the official channels will be registered to the IRC account of ircpuzzles
    • none of the levels have anything to do with porn
    • you can quickly see if a channel exists with: /mode ####channel_name
    • pay attention to the theme or patterns among the levels you have solved.
    • all clues/hints are relevant to solve the level they are on. other channel information may be useful in solving puzzles.
    • please don't part channels after you solve the level, because many times we like to say someone made it to the next level and this makes it obvious that it was you. and we don't want to out who made it to which level until the game is over (so you don't get harassed in PM.)
    • you must enter the channels in linear order in order to qualify for the prize of the cloaks
    • top 10 places will be given @ircpuzzle project cloaks when GMS is up.
    • don't work together
    • no cheating
    • no selling answers, hints, nor clues
    • hacking is not required; and is not a legitimate way to win
    • if you are at a higher level than other users, please do not taunt them.
    • do not share answers
    • no social engineering allowed to obtain answers, clues, nor hints.