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    Dash masternode dashcore installing

    If you are installing for a new masternode, I assume you are because you posted in the masternode guides thread, use this script to install it properly for hassle free operation.
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    CrowdNode progress

    Recently Crowdnode and DCG released their Swipe to Stake feature for Andriod. To introduce the feature they held a twitter space, listen back to the space here
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    This is mostly a garbage post, but I will address this one thing. Dash addresses use a restricted dictionary of allowed letters and numbers and the address has an internal checksum similar to credit card numbers, this means that if you make a mistake when copying/pasting the address it will be...
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    This will be a short crypto winter as the bottom is already in and the recent price action was just a bunch of mismanaged funds getting liquidated. So, the funds for a platform audit will be available when we need them, also, as I said above, without the MNOs actually upgrading to Evo, it will...
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    It was the right move to cancel the audit - for now. The code base is WAY off from being done and active new dev is being done and large chunks of the code are being completely re-implemented in RUST from node.js. However, you can rest assured the audit will happen before it is pushed to...
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    Thanks kot, I got a lot of feedback from different sources that you ran your end well and in the end even helped us with some issues outside your line of responsibilities, so thanks for that! Let's put it as water under the bridge and support new leaders that come into DCG so they can get...
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    Dash testnet

    I just sent a TX and noticed it was IS locked within 2 seconds, I can also see chainlocks are at the tip, these functions are a result of LLMQs on the network, ie they are proof they are working, your folder can be small, that doesn't mean the network is not functioning as it should.
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    Dash Price Discussion and Dash Shortterm/Longterm Price Trend Speculation

    We've just had an interesting weekend! Happy Juneteenth Americans! The rest of the world just shakes their heads at you guys these days. The long weekend got off to a good start with an ETF dropping 24k BTC on an illiquid market sitting on $20k Support for Bitcoin. Upon breaking support...
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    masternode protx mismatch, delist

    Learn to create your masternode without the DMT, many people have issues with that app mixing up keys and conflicting them, search this forum for the Perfect Masternode Guide and keep all the keys other than the collateral key in the Core QT wallet for the win!
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    Any one with dash future prediction ?

    Price is currently $45, so yes it 100% will go up.
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    Dash testnet

    I am not seeing that, describe your issue, make sure you are using new wallet, testnet is currently upgrading.
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    I see another bleeding heart post from kot, I skimmed through it to find the bit where he accepts responsibility, no surprise, it was absent. To say it was the fault of the devs is like a parent blaming their dis-obedient children for the state of the house! YOU are the manager, YOU control...
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    two or more masternodes collateral with trezor?

    Don't use the trezor for the payout address, use a core wallet for that. Many people have ended up with stuck payouts they are unable to spend because the devices are so pathetic they can't spend several inputs at the same time.
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    two or more masternodes collateral with trezor?

    Research the wallet's ability to use coin control, my guess is probably no, but read the manual very closely and look for the term 'coin control' or 'inputs'. If still not possible and for example, you have 2001 Dash on the Trezor, create two new receiving addresses in your Trezor. Now create...
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    Join DCG's Brown Bag sessions!

    Are these ephemeral or recorded?