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    Has anyone ordered miners from

    If you are in the US I don't think any extra taxes/duties are due. You can also get more detail with your tracking number if you put it directly into the DHL website instead of the 4PX site. The DHL site will show you detailed updates about customs clearance...
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    Has anyone ordered miners from

    Unfortunately I think this is normal for them. There are some similar older threads where people say they can't get any response to emails or forum posts, but then just get a shipment notification and everything works out. Probably not enough people to respond to emails and get orders out the...
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    Keepkey and Electrum?

    Has anyone managed to get a Keepkey wallet working with Electrum-Dash? When I try to create a wallet with my Keepkey, I get this error:
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    Has anyone ordered miners from

    Yes, ordered direct from pinidea. There was only an online manual. Alex responded reasonably quickly to all the questions I had though. The setup was pretty simple. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Impact of ASIC's on Dash difficulty

    I'm sure some of the increase is from their testing, but getting set up to temporarily run 1000 1200W miners isn't exactly trivial. That's over 5000Amps at 240V ... and trying to get rid of 1,200,000W of heat? Could be the bulk of the increase is from sales to their business partners and...
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    Need Estimation of Difficulty after Introduction of D3...

    14000 * 15GHash/sec = 210 THash/sec, or about 10X the current Dash network hashrate. Add in the other batches from Bitmain and others and all we can do is just hope that the price goes up enough to keep it profitable... Safe to say that a 45 day ROI is about as likely as getting hit by lighting.
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    Has anyone ordered miners from

    Yes, I did the buy 5 get 1 free. The DR3 order was shipped through 4px, wich is a China e-commerce export service. The shipping carrier ended up being DHL from Nanjing,China. I did not have to do anything regarding customs/duties. I ordered on 1/31, they shipped on 2/6, I received them on 2/13...
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    Has anyone ordered miners from

    I ordered 2 DR3 miners back in February. Both miners have had no issues and have been running continuously for nearly 7 months now. I also have DR100's on order, paid in BTC and had the same experience as teknick described.