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    Pre Proposal: Billboard campaign in Slovakia (Europe)

    I did not think about that, you are probably right. Somehow I still have in mind that Evolution is not to be released before end of 2017. Which is still long time to go.
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    Pre Proposal: Billboard campaign in Slovakia (Europe)

    Hallo dear Dash community. Being with Dash for many years now, I would like to discuss possible campaign for Dash in Slovakia. It's a country in the middle of Europe, between Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Austria and Ukraine. Major transition routes connect these surrounding countries offer ideal...
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    P2Pool node Amsterdam

    Just brought up a p2pool node with latest Dash code. Pool fee 1%. Located in Amsterdam.
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    Some details regarding – Sunday, February 5th, long-awaited 12.1 Release

    I came across this strange sentinel behavior, if rpcpassword in dash.conf includes special characters for example (part of the rpcpassword) rpcpassword=:-{Y6\^\7Z[9Hc"5S%Afkr|3l prevents from running. using ./venv/bin/py.test ./test pointed me in right direction. So I am putting...
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    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules

    p2pool needs at least 24h 'run up time' to get to max payments. It's PPLNS payout system, and payment is done only on block found, so the variance is higher that with regular pools (you can have 1 payment / day, or 20 /day, depending on 'luck' ).
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    P2Pool [0.9% Fee] [~100MH] Port 80 Mining

    The values are calculated differently in p2pool. For example you do not use --no-submit-stale parameter on p2pool. And p2pool can have bad or good luck in finding blocks. In long term, you earn marginally more with p2pool, and support decentralization of network. Just make sure you your a node...
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    P2Pool [0.9% Fee] [~100MH] Port 80 Mining p2pool node in Europe. Fee set to 0% to support p2pool adoption
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    I set 0% fee for my p2pool node, just to support p2pool usage. So feel free to connect and mine with it. stratum+tcp:// -u <your_wallet_address> -p x --queue 0 --expiry 1 --scan-time 1 Optimal settings for p2pool mining: --queue 0 --expiry 1 --scan-time 1 (do not use...
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    Please do not confuse nomp based pools with p2pool. Nomp is basically a centralized standard pool, with coins mined being tracked in a local database, and payed out to the miners periodically. P2pool in contrast is a decentralized construct (think of it like for example a torrent network), where...
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    If people would just not be lazy and use p2pool, and they would also realize that they can earn more long term using p2pool, and help to keep network decentralized.
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    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules updated to official pool.
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    Guide to Receive a Text Message and MORE Whenever DRK received!!!

    I am using pushover services for this It has one time fee you pay, and then notifications are send to the client. Worth every penny. curl -s \ --form-string "token=abc123" \ --form-string "user=user123" \ --form-string "message=hello world" \...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    MNs are getting payed. do 'dashd masternode winners'
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    P2Pool P2Pool repository and python modules switched to new IDENTIFIER, PREFIX
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    ATTENTION: p2pool users and node operators!

    Patched Payments are send OK, checked last block found.