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  1. Rux - The First Instant & Private online luck game :)

    We continued to develop this code, now with instantsend its working like rocket :)
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    Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It (torrent)

    Thanks for link tungfa :D i searched on google and found dashtalk mentioning this documentary
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    Dash iPhone Wallet

    i think that IX is turned off until future releases... because i dont see instantx button anywhere :)
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    Dash iPhone Wallet

    just to let you know that on 0.8.5 i can send DASH with no problems, just tested ;) thank you
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    Dash iPhone Wallet

    Guys i just updated to latest version, i can put comma now, but problem is when i click PAY :/ it just highlight that i pressed and it does nothing i have 0.2 DASH in wallet to test, tried to send 0.1 to some address, but it wont send iphone 4s, iOS 8.3 jailbreak on
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    Dash iPhone Wallet

    I have comma, and my currency is BAM (bosnia and herzegowina) so its a bug ha :) i should change currency to € and then try... brb with report edit: i changed to € Euro zone, but still .... same problem
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    iOS wallet, let me see it :D itunes [email protected]

    iOS wallet, let me see it :D itunes [email protected]
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    Vanity Darkcoin Addresses

    Any chance someone could compile it for windows? i have a bunch of gpu's 290x and 280x that i can use, i can even do some hashing for new address if someone wants it, but rigs are on windows because of proper fan control i had problems regulating it on linux
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    Osnovna pitanja

    Sorry na kasnom odgovoru :D Najbolji put ti je kupiti prvo BTC, pa onda lako na cryptsy ili na bitfinex zamjenis za DASH! Najbrza opcija da kupis kreditnom BTC je (ima malo veci fee ali stvarno expresno dobijes btc) Ako ti jos treba kakva pomoc samo mi javi tu sam
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    V12 Testing Thread

    Hi guys, i have joined Testnet its my 1st time to help test Ubuntu x64 dash-qt started and syncing as we speak Glad to help, just say if you need anything
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    After stable for months, now i get POSscore 1

    Same here, i had POS = 1, next day it was POS = 0 No problems with payment, thats for sure
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    Linux DASHD - Check and Review - Script

    Can we send via instantx using rpc commands? :)
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    InstantX via comands & Sendmany via InstantX

    Hello community, me and rentahash are experimenting everything that is related to InstantX, and we are confident that InstantX is gamechanger in all future transactions BUT SOME BASIC THINGS MUST BE THERE If anyone would use instantx as buyer, seller or anything related to fast...
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    :) hello babygiraffe I saw your post about txt,email and db entry on incoming transactions of...

    :) hello babygiraffe I saw your post about txt,email and db entry on incoming transactions of any kind Its perfect, and i would like to ask you some things about it, i hope you will have time to direct/help me sometimes because im totaly n00b when it comes to coding but i can manage my self...
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    Guide to Receive a Text Message and MORE Whenever DRK received!!!

    Man this is perfect :) are you still developing things like this?