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    The next big ICO ?

    Yeah I heard about Telegram ICO as well but since it's a famous and a big one, i read an article that there are many attempts to scam it, like they would pose as THE Telegram ICO when they are actually not. So we have to be careful in checking out the details, ie websites, links, etc. if they...
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    Beware of the launch of new ICO's. There are many scammers in the market!

    Thanks for sharing this! Crypto users need to be more vigilant in checking out which is a legit ICO from those that are scams. It's not that we are saying ICOs are not good, they actually possess a huge deal of potential for our economy however scammers are taking advantage of the people's...
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    [NEWS] Did You know There Are More Than 4,500 Cryptocurrencies Already?

    how does a coin "die" or what are the things to consider a coin dead? quite surprised with the total number of coins that actually existed!