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    3 days to go - please VOTE

    Look at you guys just kicking away with that 1.2m annual budget ;P
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    A possible way to "catch" the burnt funds & incentivize community writers.

    I certainly didn't write my medium article FOR tips but it wouldn't have hurt my feelings to receive some! ;P
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    Hmm I see I was booted from slack. Awesome.

    That's really unfortunate... Especially when you've been quite heavily involved in the community from what I can see at least.. This should be fixed.... Immediately.
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    If you had a 10GB fiber line with unlimited usage how would you monetize it?

    This is something I've been going over the last few days and I was curious to see what ideas people come up with :) How would you turn your tech savvy and unlimited usage of the fastest connection in the world into a monthly income? Hosting? VPS? Cloud Computing? Discuss!
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    Review my Dash write up

    <3 fixed both, thanks
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    Review my Dash write up

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    Review my Dash write up

    Did a write up on medium. I'll also send this to a few of the crypto news sites etc If anyone wants to go ahead and scrutinize for errors here's the non-published link: I plan on publishing in an hour or two Thanks :)
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    DASH =1 and craigrant=0

    good point! lol
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    DASH =1 and craigrant=0

    it was probably linked to the Cryptsy price API, is my guess. We should go ahead and get that updated to polo (or even better would be to make an index that can keep updated and not rely on a single exchange).. I could probably put together an index if people think it will be useful (and be used)
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    DASH =1 and craigrant=0

    I don't think they do too much banning on here... but most would find it odd to produce so much media about something you're less than fully educated on. Any media/buzz is good usually, but misinformation can be toxic.
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    OK, help me feel better PLEASE

    most people who have something to hide don't login a "yahoo email" from their clearnet ip lol but I know there are a lot of uneducated whom it would be in our best interest to be the solution they can use without having to be a pro at ipsec, cyber security and/or cookies/malware web tracking etc...
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    What IP do we have?

    I'm pretty sure Ybcoin is just a fork of DASH as well... If there was such thing as a "finished product" crypto we may need to worry but considering this is a living and evolving entity (like that evolution plug?) we'll always be the top just due to development and market share/perception. Even...
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    Is our forum under troll attack?

    Every forum is under troll attack sir ;)
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    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread Day #2

    Yea, I just had a bit of a nerdgasm ;P Great stuff guys! Super jelly I'm not there :( Maybe my wife and I can sneak over for some after party :P Good work though guys! Evans speech was really good (minus the POS Point of Sale/Proof of Stake slip up!)
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    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

    So annoyed that I'm only an hour away but can't make it :( Enjoy guys, and great work!