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    Masternode ninja fatality!

    Your masternode with a public key of XrcxRCXo9GJjby9PzSFKrR4aH5hLacKM9a no longer has 1,000 Dash.
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    v12.2 Testing

    Here is a graph of txs per block over the past 7 days. It's been fun to watch.
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    This probably won’t be a popular post, but maybe someone from the core team with access to legal can chime in. Note: This is not legal advice so please get advice from a practicing attorney. Our research into providing masternode shares involved consultation with lawyers. The way masternodes...
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    Masternode40 masternodes not-enabled

    I just sent you an email from our support system. Your node is indeed ready for a remote start.
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    Dash Core can no longer continue safely and will quit

    Hi @MrGold . I sent you a direct message. Happy to help you get that masternode up and running.
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    12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

    It is in the OP. If people start reading from the beginning of this thread they will see the moocow gist.
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    All Things Open Conference Recap The All Things Open Conference was really impressive. This is only its fourth year and attendance was reported at 2,400. The crowd was diverse. Front-end developers and designers, backend developers, infrastructure, management, and of course blockchain. As a...
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    August 2016 Development Update

    A good place to keep up with all the changes is the official repo You can "watch" a repo and have all updates emailed to you. A lot of updates are packed with valuable and interesting commit comments. Makes for good morning reading with a cup of coffee.
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    How masternode payments might cause a bubble

    I had some different numbers for Dash per block and blocks per day. I have updated the script based on what UdjinM6 posted and the volume gain is now around the 9% you are showing. That number is the estimated volume gain of a masternode. It is not the estimated volume gain after you pay for...
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    Proposal: d10e Conference Sponsorship

    I'll be there to talk about how economics (incentives) can be used to encourage network participation. It won't be specifically about Dash, but I will talk about the Dash model. Going forward, any serious blockchain based business will have to embrace what Dash pioneered... an incentives model...
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    Node40 just launched a new site, check it out

    The price of Dash displayed on the site is not a live stream.The price is a snapshot that is updated every 15 minutes. The price is derived by aggregating the DASH/BTC price from multiple exchanges. I'm assuming you were confused by the label Current Dash Price. I have changed the label to...
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    Dash Wallet - Private Key Export/Import (video)

    I've got a video that walks you through export/import at
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    Dash Mobile Apps

    We don't have an app yet. Talking with some app developers about creating one.
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    Ethereum smart contract that provide small holders of DASH become part of masternode?

    Given the number of masternodes already supporting the network, I don't think it makes sense for the devs to spend time making it easier to create shared nodes. Once the price goes up (say $10/Dash) we might see masternodes cashing out. If those masternodes aren't brought back online that might...
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    Ethereum smart contract that provide small holders of DASH become part of masternode?

    I don't see how a smart contract will do anything for you. The 1,000 Dash still needs to be held by just one individual.