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    Pre-proposal: business integration into retail sector

    One aspect of BlockPay I do not like is that they take a .5% or 1% fee (I've read or heard both). If you can integrate with ERPNext where users can opt to simply store dash in their own wallet you got a deal. It's the best open source and free enterprise solution for businesses I could find.
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    Proposal: open-source DASH gateway on Ripple

    Any reason we're choosing a for profit corporation whose software was designed for banks over Stellar's platform which is nonprofit and focused more on individuals? What about openledger?
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    Seeking Members for a E-Commerce DAO Proposal

    Lack of customer service. Mods on OB only exist for arbitration purposes since I last checked. And from a retailers perspective having no one to contact is a deal breaker. The current model is to have a sale director who works with businesses to get them a public wallet address that's used for...
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    Pre-Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform

    In regards to this offer we should explore alternative partners for such a venture, namely Bitpay, who is already deeply entrenched in the virtual currency payment space. They already have software and integrations for bitcoin inplace, which is a core part of dash, as well as having partnerships...
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    Pre-Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform

    Reference information: State registry for ALTERNATE36, INC.: -Only two shareholders above 20% which are the operators. No information on the NASDAQ. Revenue/Employees: Zoominfo SEC Form D Filing: Form D Street view of known place of...
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    Should the Core Team start "saving" for massive market campaign?

    A recent case example just to further your point, citing the whitepaper of Coinbase's recent token card :
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    Seeking Members for a E-Commerce DAO Proposal

    You make a good point. Marketing and customer acquisition is one of the largest barriers to entry for any market. You need incentives for the buyer and seller. When you look at the major online sellers Amazon, Walmart and Ebay you see markets that are focused on furthering itself - they want...
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    Seeking Members for a E-Commerce DAO Proposal

    Marketplace Project One of the most promising use cases of blockchain technology has been decentralized marketplaces for services like Airbnb and Amazon. So far current projects like Openbazaar have failed to create a sophisticated marketplace which is appealing to everyday shoppers...
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    How do you check if the Originator of a Proposal is a Con-artist?

    A bank or Paypal transfer is probably the one of the simpler ways I can think of to verify someone legally exists. An intermediary could be used for businesses, likely Transferwise. Coinbase also has merchant options once you verify your business if you wanted to verify through a bitcoin send.
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    Should the Core Team start "saving" for massive market campaign?

    Sounds like a good idea. Ether seems to be the stable bet at this time for storing funds in crypto. I was looking into some options for storage and asked the guys over at Ledger about their hardware wallet multisig, here's their reply: also has multisig support I havn't...
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    Legal Battle Dash Stash

    Here's what happens when you give "zero fucks" to what governments have to say:
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    Pre-proposal: Dash Wallet for Android - Maintenance and Support

    No need to pay for something that someone else is already doing for us:
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    Dash Charity Fund

    All moot points considering coinbase exists: [Coinbase Insurance | 2 Factor Auth Login | 5 Multi-sig Withdraw + Email Notification | Phone Send Confirmation] Then you have a short exchange window before the funds are in the foundation's bank account. And no paper work needed for <$5,000. Vs Do...
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    Mark 7/22/17 On Your Calendar Snag the dash domain it if you get the chance.