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    can a mod wipe this thread for me please
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    Hello all. Haven't really been around lately due to health reasons. It bothers me to do this, but I've been in bad shape lately. Been having my fair share of health problems and convinced my partner I don't have a lot of energy to keep it going at the normal effort levels. My promotional...
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    Dash on BTC-E

    Was anyone else bugging them? I send them a ticket every month or so asking when they're adding dash. Usually get the cut and paste response. Hello, Sorry, but we cannot talk anything about adding\deleting any pairs. If we decide to add\remove any pair you will see annoncement in our news...
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    Hi geralth. Thanks for the post. :) That's actually an idea that gets tossed around a lot. Maybe now that it's requested we could put a little more effort into this for users. :)
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    Dash Foundation Informal Catch Up Calls After Annual Members Meeting

    Excellent! thank you! I'll bookmark that and get on it soon. :)
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    Dash Foundation Informal Catch Up Calls After Annual Members Meeting

    How does one become a member? Is there something I've missed somewhere? Sorry if I haven't looked hard enough.
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    Support requested

    did with a couple different accounts for you Tao. :)
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    Interesting criticisms of DASH. Thoughts?

    I think it's easy to find criticisms from the other side of the wall. That Dev in particular, didn't he start the dash collapsing monero up thread about the same time on bitcointalk? He managed to structure his arguments well but there isn't any way for him to shake his biased nature. He came to...
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    Is there plans on releasing a page about Dash on there? I've seen other coins are listed with information about the coin. Noticed even dogecoin has a page(Which gave me a giggle). Seems like something that couldn't hurt either way. Or maybe is there a page i haven't found?
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    DASH Visualized Time Line (project in need of help)

    I don't have the most time in the world. Have another Dash project on the go as well, but I'd be willing to lend some help if you need it still. Feel free to send me a PM if you like. :)
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    Hello community. I'm hoping I might be able to get some answers, insight or explanation of some kind of something that is happening to me. I've tried a couple places to get some more information but so far no one has been able to provide any infor or meaningfuil way of mitigating this. It would...
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    Are there any great DASH blogs?

    All three are good looking sites. good to see some blogs as well as a news/magazine site :) The more the merrier! Only critisism would be for dashmagazine. The disclaimer for google isn't clickable. I'ts covered by the top menu for me. Aside from that I might be willing to sponsor a domain for...
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    Official Dash faucet?

    Could always add some form of incentive to the site/forums. Bug bounties, bounties for accepted proposals, rewards for helpfulness on forums etc. Doesn't have to be much either. Little giveaways, contests etc. Faucets kind of have a bad name imo and seem prone to people always trying to cheat...
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    DASH price dropping

    From what I've seen the price seems pretty stable. It is currently €3.2864 and 3.6556 respectively. The only change I've really seen is against the wild price of BTC. Which can swing 10%+- easily in a day.