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    Tipbot dream

    So we have a Reddit bot that’s not stable and a Slack bot that’s build around deprecated api (accounts). Time for a redesign ? Let’s dream a bit and create some requirments * a cross platform tipbot * working decentralized (not from 1 central wallet) = tips are send via blockchain, despise the...
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    getbalance account cmd deprecated ?

    noticed that the help of getbalance say: getbalance ( "account" minconf includeWatchonly ) If account is not specified, returns the server's total available balance. If account is specified (DEPRECATED), returns the balance in the account. I'm very worried about the deprecated statement as my...
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    What is the best desktop configuration to run a masternode?

    As you can run a masternode on a Raspberry Pi performance is never (never say never..) a problem. The main problem running a masternode @ home is that you need a fixed IP or else your loss your place in the payment queue every time you get an other ip from your internet provider. Must people...
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    WTT Master Node Shared: How do I get this service?

    There are (as far as I know) 2 services : moocowmoo mail him on [email protected] or ping on splawik21 :
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    I need you help

    It all comes down to 1 thing: the price of your electricity. Mining Dash is the same as mining other cyber currency, you only need the correct software for the X11 algorithm More info at:
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    Dynamic IP for Master node

    I would suggest joining our Slack group via That way we can help out and communicate faster
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    Simplifying the onboarding of talent

    I'm very interessent in this idea & nodejs in general but I think I lack the experience now to join the project. someday..
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    Dynamic IP for Master node

    The best way to monitor your masternode is If your in the selection pool (10% of amount of masternodes) they your rank will be random
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    Dynamic IP for Master node

    As far as I know it will still works but your bumped back to the last place in the payment queue as the masternode is now know as a new one on the network.
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    IPV6 addresses

    There were square brackets around my IPv6 just forgot them in my post
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    IPV6 addresses

    Just want to share my findings of 'a day in IPv6 land'. I've added bindip=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx to my dash.conf MN. Even when dash-cli masternode status reported the ipv6 service address and status Masternode successfully started I wasn't convinced my Masternode was configured correctly because...
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    Budget Proposal “electrum_maintenance“

    I'm stunned that (at writing this) 472 masternode votes yes. I've done my research: studied every code repository at Runned many of them, including the electrum server and client on my local machine. I've read the, some what hidden, documentation at...
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    Proposal: dedicated subforum for (pre)budget discusion

    It really all in the title :) Instead of creating threads in General would it be good to have a dedicated subforum to discuss (pre)proposals of using the 10% funds ? May bee a sub-sub division for the proposals that are really created after the pre-discussion. Or do I press my luck now ?
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    Based on this doc: requirements it's Evan who sets the requirements.
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    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Jury Duty

    I'm also very new to Dash. A major part of making the decision to get me a masternode was so I could active participate in deciding the road Dash should take. Loosing my vote right on the issues that I feel important is a but negative for me. I'm trying to get as informed as possible, mainly...