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    April 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

    Hi, what happened to the decentralised API implementation? Can't identify it in this report, is it part of sentinel implementation or was cancelled? thanks
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    Masternode Owners need to think like VCs

    Looks like you've started to write "masternode owners code of conduct"!
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    Budget Proposal: Peter Todd to review Instant X?

    Instead of getting someone to review the code I think it would be more beneficial to create a bug report + fix program.
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    March 2016 Budget Proposal

    My calculator says Total Allocated = 7309 DASH :p Also, max. budget is not correct.
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    Dash Pages - Communication/News, Social Media, Chat Groups & Blogs (May 2018)

    yep, please use ;)
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    HydraChain: Permissioned Distributed Ledgers Based on Ethereum - Heiko Hees

    HydraChain sounds very similar to Dash
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    Budget Proposal: DASH Sponsored Interviews, Anarchapulco - Juan S. Galt

    I think your list is missing a speaker (only 8).
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    Hi everyone, As most of you may know have been up for a while now (since July 2015 more precisely), so this is just to announce the latest update. - Added info about total budget allocated (pulling this from dashwhale api) - Made room for more info Now some more info can...
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    Map with Merchants accepting DASH

    nice! you may find useful
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    Budget Proposal: The Instantx Soda Machine!

    they prefer a nice chat in a private place at a roundtable priorities madness! -Let's make it useful. -Nahh, let's find an investor willing to pump it
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    Budget Proposal - Vendor-Experience

    core-team gets 1176DASH/month x 100 payments do you share the same worries ?
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    Miami Conference & Next Development Goals

    Can you please provide a road map with a timeline, priorities and who does what (is responsible for pushing it forward).
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    Privacy without a blockchain in the context of a user ID

    from what I've seen and read one thing is not clear to me, what stops others from spamming your username with requests to pay?
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    DashTV - The easy way to keep an eye on your investment

    Cryptsy is already kicking out themselves because their server is really slow at the moment. I've added two more exchanges: bter and livecoin. It will make the price more accurate. Now the price is an average from 5 exchanges. Regarding the communication with my API, if you can't or don't want...