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    Dash Marketing DAO

    Hello Dash! I'm working on a concept of creating a decentralized organization to be funded by the Dash Treasury. I am using a site called Loomio that allows a group of people to vote and submit proposals. See my initial guide here (subject to change, willing to take any input as well)...
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    (Suggestion) Creation of a management team to help scale Proposal teams

    Would Dash be interested in funding a management team that helps the current Proposal teams and future Teams expand and grow and scale at a good efficient rate. This management team would give input on what the team could start getting into and also source team members for them, of course all...
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    Continuation of community Advertisements following Amanda's departure

    Sad day today with Amanda taking a hiatus :( she is the sole reason I got into crypto and I'm sure many others as well. She did a fabulous job! On that note, I have decided to continue the community Advertisements that she has started. I will be giving away 1-2 Dash total to get the ball...
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    Lowering masternode collateral to 100 pre proposal

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    Pre proposal: Dash Ad to increase proposals

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    Proposal System update/problem

    i honestly didn't even know you can vote against someone who is already getting funded. When I first came to Dash I saw we were funding a 3 month proposal that was suppose to do interviews and on the third month nothing was done! Literally Nothing! But they ended up still getting complete...
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    Mathematical system to show value of Cryptocurrency

    Right now to buy anything that's 50 cents to a dollar from a store, it would cost you .0003 bitcoin to buy it. With my current proposal of creating a merchant wallet I have been thinking of how scary those numbers look and how they will look when more zeros start to come into play. So I...
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    Proposal categories?

    I think it would be a smart idea to create categories for people to submit proposals such as "marketing, development, business etc." rather then a long list of unorganized proposals. Maybe add it to put to do list? Just throwing it out there.
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    Proposal: Dash Development Team

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    Help with proposal problems

    i am using the QT wallet console and I input the code to allow 5 Dash to be taken out of my wallet. The next step was to put in a code to submit the proposal so I can receive my proposal ID, but I went back and changed the proposal ammount I wanted. I then tried to put in the submit Proposal...
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    Sending in a proposal

    does one need to have the Dash Core wallet to send in a proposal? Given you need to put in that large code into a console section of your wallet and I couldn't seem to do so on my electrum wallet which has a console section built in. Gave me an error message. Any input? Thanks
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    Pre proposal- Dash Business Development Team

    Asking for 70 Dash Currently we are funding businesses to help us get further and increase awareness for us to be used as a global currency. As you might have seen with the recent Alt 36 proposal, there's a lot of things to look into, and if your like me you probably skimmed it over very very...
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    Dash proposal system update idea explain

    The idea is to basically allow proposers to pay us back if wanted! Let me know what you think !