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    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    still not an 11% fee though.. why don't you just have default donation fees then, or something?
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    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    Er, is the fee going to be lowered soon? I don't mean to hound you guys, but I've been waiting to withdraw after hearing the fee will be lowered.
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    Number three!

    Hells yes! It won't be long now until we replace Litecoin as a second. I wonder if taking over Bitcoin is a possibility? Also, I noticed you used cryptmarketcap - is there anything different from that compared to coinmarketcap? To me, Crypt just seems to be slower to update, but at the same time...
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    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    Right, that's thirteen cents and rising, out of $1.23.. That's 10.6%. Add in the 1% fee and that makes it 11.6%. If we weren't getting the 25% bonus, I'd definitely be out of here already.
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    750Ti Hashrates vs 750?

    Posting this here because no one in Reddit seemed to know - basically, I assume that the main reason 750Ti has such an incredible hashrate (at least, for the price) is because of its ability to use Compute 5.0 - and, according to NVidia's official list (https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus)...
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    Skyrocketing difficulty... what the hell?

    Looks like the world just doesn't want you to be getting $100+ a day :p
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    MPOS DarkcoinTalk's Official Pool Thread!

    I think you guys should really either get rid of the auto payout fee or vastly lower it.. I know you guys need to raise some money some how but .01 fee is just absolutely ridiculous, especially considering how hard to mine it is now (that's at least an hour of work for me, and I have about...