750Ti Hashrates vs 750?


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May 22, 2014
Posting this here because no one in Reddit seemed to know - basically, I assume that the main reason 750Ti has such an incredible hashrate (at least, for the price) is because of its ability to use Compute 5.0 - and, according to NVidia's official list (https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus), the 750 also supports that of course. So, my question is, has anyone mined with a 750? I'm about to purchase one or the other just for mining, and I'd like to know how different the hashrates are if at all? Because, basically, I could save anywhere from $20-50 by not getting a Ti, and that's a fair bit of money.


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May 13, 2014
I don't have a 750 unfortunately, but the main difference seems to be that 750 has 512 CUDA cores whereas the 750Ti has 640 CUDA cores so that would indicate the 750 running at about 80% of the 750Ti hash rate. There may be slight clock difference too but those can be tweaked...

The Darkcoin FAQ has a 750Ti listed at 2.7mh so a back-of-an-envelope guess would be:

750 : 2.16mh vs 750Ti : 2.70mh

At current difficulty levels it will take a long time to make back 2-5 DRK of purchase price using the 540kh of estimated hash power difference.

Running the latest CCMiner source and a slight overclock my 760 is now doing 2.2mh (up from 1.8mh) and that's with 1152 CUDA cores which shows the advantages of a compute 5.0 card vs compute 3.0 I guess. (now why did I buy a $400 card which is slower for DRK than a $250 card? oh yeah, gaming :)