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    Mining service

    Is there a mining service that I could buy for dedicated mining of DRK?
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    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    Do you got the batch file saved in the same directory as minerd?
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    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    Without the dot at the beginning.
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    Drk for Laughts!

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    New, completely custom pool Simple Dark is currently running a 3% bonus

    I like this pool for the direct payment of the shares, you don't need to reach a minimum.
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    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    The "minerd" command is actually in reference to the software that will be making all the processing that you need to mine coins. It goes something like this: minerd [command] You could try accessing to the terminal (Ctrl + R and then write cmd, on Windows) and navigate to your minerd directory...
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    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    Could be that your pool is waiting to discover 120 blocks to transfer payments. Which pool is it? I'm almost sure that the block has to get 120 confirmations in order to process payments.
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    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    Usually the confirmations you need for transfer to the markets are 3-4 (One hour tops), 120 confirmations can be achieved in eight to ten hours.
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    Unable to Withdraw from QT

    You can try right clicking on the transfer and open Transaction details or search the address here: Hope this helps.
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    It seems like the total DRK are below of the minimum payout for most pools. You could try re-indexing your DRK wallet, just make a .bat file containing "darkcoin-qt -reindex", without the quotes.
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    Master node question

    I had mine closed and received a transaction, I opened it and I received the coins.
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    50% of the network!

    I don't get it.
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    Forum Moderators

    Hate those too.
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    50% of the network!!extraction What is that "unknown"?
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    Help starting up..

    Here is an exchange: Here you can calculate profitability: Do you need anything specific?