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    Women In Blockchain Series, with Naomi Brockwell

    supporting @NaomiBrockwell for sure
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    Selling 2x Antminer D3 w/PSU Sept 15 batch

    I had a skype call with the guy, signed a contract and scanned ID..... I know its still just över the internet, but I thought this could be enough protection.
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    Selling 2x Antminer D3 w/PSU Sept 15 batch

    hi paul, so looks like you quite responding to me. have you stolen my bitcoin as well?
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    15GH/s miner

    not really, Ive read a bit in this forum and ended up so far at the I only know that at the bitmain pool you dont pay any fee but also dont get a share od the fees from the block that makes a quite a lot of money kept for bitmain. so I will search for these conditions later on. if...
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    Bitmain next machine

    man, if you would know this answer, you won't be posting it on forums;)
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    MPOS CyBTC POOL | 0.5% Fee | 250GH/S+

    guys, do you support D3 antminers?
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    WTS iBelink DM22G - October 2017 Batch for Sale

    Can you please explain me the technical advantage of this IBELINK device? How could it be that the D3 has 15Gh and consumption 1200w and this claims 22GH and only 850 W? Is the IBELINK really that ahead of Bitmain, or is the Bitmain not offering their best devices on the market? thanks for your...
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    INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster 30.2GH in 750W

    HI, I would be interested to buy some
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    15GH/s miner

    Hi man, there's two of us... following the thread