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    iBeLink DM384M ASIC is real

    Would be very interested in being able to buy some of those units. Is there an official website for those devices outside of Looking to contact them to order quite a nice amount of miners (30 to 50)
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    Greetings, Even if you claim not to be a malicious operator your pool could get hacked and become the base of malicious activities and that even without you knowing at first. Yes, there is Hanlab but you forgot the large botnet being hosted with the over* users (now anonymous). The majority of...
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    Can't compile v12 (last master branch) on ubuntu

    Have you tried rebooting your vm? :grin:
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    [] We are back! Even faster than before! We are back! Fresh new servers, we restored accounts/workers and logins! You can login with your old credentials. Same old receipe as before: 1 account and 1 set of workers for all pools SSL on all pools Multiple Load-Balanced Node.JS Stratums + VARDIFF 24/7...
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    Däsh oder was .... ?

    Following the trend. I am against that name change aswell.
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    Stratum-pool vardiff config

    Since you are using stratum-mining I would invite you to setup NOMP and to enable the x11 diff multiplier. Stratum-mining is deprecated and never worked well with X11 for me and you would need to modify it to multiply the shares at the python-stratum levell; you'd be much better off with NOMP.
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    Stratum-pool vardiff config

    Greetings, Back when we ran our pool, we had those settings going: diff: 0.010, vardiff minimum: 0.007, vardiff maximum: 0.01, That should do the trick :)
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    Android Wallet

    Looks good, looking forward to see it!
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    lonecrouton must be turning on himself into his grave.. He was so proud Spreadcoin prevented pools!
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    R.I.P. SuchPool

    We're sorry to have to go, but lately it's not been so profitable. The darkcoin pool itself paid well (90% of the hosting costs). Closing the darkcoin pool is really what saddens me the most of all, but we do need a little break. If we see markets start moving up again and we see we can run...
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    v0.10.15 - Onyx Release

    We do masternodes with our cold storage, and considering maybe an eventual shared masternode service.
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    v0.10.15 - Onyx Release

    Up to now, absolutely no other coin has required a stratum patch. The sole reason of it being the masternodes, the issue resides on non-drk coins. Depending on the implementation, if not done properly, other coins would try to pay 25% to the payee but it would probably just not exist on that...
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    v0.10.15 - Onyx Release

    A scrypt stratum and a x11 stratum will look just the same, most of the differencies are in the configuration files themselves. In the case of nomps running multiple coins, the same exact codebase processes for all coins. In that specific case, it can be quite confusing to apply the patch so it...