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    Pre-proposal: Browser based, global, real-time strategy game, powered by Dash.

    Pre-proposal: Browser based real-time strategy game, powered by Dash. Google Docs version of this proposal can be found here. Project description We’re creating a browser based real-time strategy game appealing to casual and serious gamers alike. Players are tasked with navigating a...
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    Version 12.2 release

    MN upgraded! Weird thing was dashman showed me I was already on 12.2.2 before upgrading, so I did it manually in the end.
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    Welcome Bradley Zastrow - Director of Global Business Development

    Welcome! I've got the feeling 2018 is gonna be a great year!
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    [prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

    can't wait to order my card... Do you have an ETA on the new cards? Before DASH integration goes live or after?
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    12.1 Testnet Testing Phase Two Ignition

    the guide under: needs updating! I tried to follow it but got stuck at this step: configure database supply the mysql root password when prompted ./ there is no such file! EDIT: command seems to be obsolete...
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    Dash on Warsaw Block on 25.08.2016 ?

    sounds great. have an upvote ;)
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    V12.1 Testnet Launch Thread

    great news! Makes me even happier that my Trezor just got shipped :) Can't wait to test it
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    Dash now on KeepKey

    Sounds good! let's just hope it's really soon not soon™ :) price is the same as the Trezor. Thinking about buying either the KeepKey or the Trezor. Would be nice to have some reviews, regarding Dash usage :)
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    V12 Release

    my node hasn't been payed since 8 days now with v12. Anyone else having the same problem?
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    V12 Release

    then why are they paying Dash ( MNs? Is there crosspayment between V11 and V12 Pools and MNs this time?
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    V12 Release

    is the pool police active again? We need more pools to update or there is no incentive for MNs to upgrade. At the moment the average Earnings per day are still 4times higher for MN owners when they stay on the old version :( Edit: Just sent a reminder to be so kind to upgrade :)
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    Hey just wanted to say that I tried out your site, Bought a game and payed with Dash, worked like a charm! Keep it up :)
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    Masternode doesn't get payed anymore 6d+

    so I wont lose the refund payments when I restart it?
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    Masternode doesn't get payed anymore 6d+

    so it's been 9+days now. Do you think the payments will still come? Or do I need to restart the node?
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    Masternode doesn't get payed anymore 6d+

    sorry I'm not up to date these days. Tried asking in IRC first but there was no one around at the time. Thanks for clarification!