Pre-proposal: Browser based, global, real-time strategy game, powered by Dash.


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Apr 16, 2014
Pre-proposal: Browser based real-time strategy game, powered by Dash.

Google Docs version of this proposal can be found here.

Project description
We’re creating a browser based real-time strategy game appealing to casual and serious gamers alike. Players are tasked with navigating a simulation of the progression of humanity from prehistory to the present day and beyond, through the discovery of technologies that push their society forward as fast and as far as possible.

Players are required to complete increasingly challenging puzzles in order to progress through the game, each uniquely generated for the player. While the ultimate goal is to progress as far into the future as possible, multiple play styles are available with the possibility to specialise in various aspects of competition.

Competition is global, with the ability for players to not only compare their progress with each other on the leaderboard, but to influence it by trading technologies amongst themselves. A sophisticated marketplace for trading is an integral part of the game, so that dedicated players can earn Dash as compensation for their investment in gameplay, while impatient players can pay to develop their civilisation faster and further than they would otherwise be able to.

We’d like to maintain some sense of mystery and anticipation about the complete mechanics of the game. However, we’ve created a document outlining the process we’re using for game design, guided by methodologies such as design thinking, workshops and rapid prototyping. While out of the scope of this proposal, that document can be found here for those that might be curious.

Technical details
Players are required to transfer small amounts of DASH to generated game addresses that are unique to them. These transactions and the data embedded within them serve as records of their game progress and state stored immutably on the blockchain.

We see a tremendous opportunity to firmly establish Dash as the ideal network for game developers to build upon, in particular as it pertains to its advantages over other leading cryptocurrencies, for several reasons:

Real-time games require real time transactions to keep pace with gameplay. The results of a purchase need to be reflected immediately in game for a player to remain engaged in the game experience. Dash has the fastest transaction confirmation times of any of the other major cryptocurrencies by far.

For microtransactions to be made an integral part of any project, transaction fees need to be and remain miniscule to the point that they do not need to be consciously considered as a factor by users when making purchasing decisions, even for very small amounts. Dash’s subcent fees and commitment to ensuring they remain at low levels is a solid basis to build upon.

While still in development, the Evolution updates coming this year will push Dash to the top of the list in terms of usability and user experience in comparison to the other cryptocurrencies, which are clunky and complicated for non-technical people to understand. Dash is poised to be the first cryptocurrency to be ready for mainstream adoption and integration in mass market projects such as games.

As part of our efforts, we’ll be creating a Javascript framework for storing and interacting with game data saved on the blockchain, which we’ll be releasing independently and as open source to allow the community to build games on the Dash blockchain.

Benefits to the Dash network
The recent trend of intertwining cryptocurrencies with casual games presents a realistic pathway to introducing blockchain technology to a wider audience, a necessity for the mainstream acceptance and adoption of this new paradigm.

Marketable project anchored to Dash
To gain mainstream exposure and usage there need to be more prominent projects built with Dash at the core. Combined with the forthcoming marketing efforts for the Dash network itself, a marketable property like our game will provide a perfect anchor for advertising efforts and media outreach.

Educational experience
Dash as it relates to our game is more than just the technical backbone on which it operates, but rather an integral part of the game concept itself. In ways both subtle and obvious, our main aim is to communicate the concepts and benefits of Dash to players and get them comfortable using it as a means for transacting in their everyday life.

Dash giveaways to new users
We’ve allocated a portion of our budget to an optional walkthrough layer to the game in which players would learn how to set up a Dash wallet, add a balance to it and begin making transfers. As a reward for completing the tutorial — confirmed by subscribing to a mailing list and/or promoting Dash on social media — the player would be rewarded with a small amount of free DASH.

Below are some interesting links about the emerging visibility of cryptogames to a wider audience, a market we’re planning to firmly insert Dash into. These views don’t necessarily represent us and our philosophy, but are provided simply as proof of the potential for a really good cryptogame to be adopted by the masses. The benefits to the Dash network of such a game would obviously be fantastic.

Forbes on the scaling problems of games built on Ethereum

NYTimes article on CryptoKitties adoption among mainstream audience

Global games market figures, at only 4% of the total market, browser games is still a $4.3 billion market.

Etherscan contract for CryptoKitties, showing 1.5 million transactions since December.

Article on popularity of CryptoCelebrities, which launched yesterday

Medium article about emerging new cryptogames hitting the market

Budget & schedule
We estimate the design and development schedule to require a period of approximately 6 months to complete. Our project budget covers project management, design and development costs, testing as well as a portion being allocated to giveaways for early adopters. The requested funds are being matched at an approximate ratio of 1:2 by us as a demonstration of our own investment in the project, which cover matching the amount of DASH giveaways, hosting costs and all expenses relating to marketing.

As the project will require some of the labor costs to be paid in fiat currency, we’ve calculated the budget with USD as the base currency for ease of comprehension. In determining the conversion rate to DASH we’re using the 30 day SMA to take into account the possibility of currency fluctuations. The total DASH amount of the proposal is 261 Dash, split over 3 payments.

Time and cost estimates are informed by over a decade’s experience in professional design and development and we are confident that we can deliver the project within the parameters we have defined. We feel strongly that in comparison to the potential of the project to bring significant attention and benefits to the Dash network, our proposal request is modest and is an intelligent use of treasury funds.

The chart below shows a breakdown of the budget allocation of the requested funds. A detailed calculation of all costs can be viewed here.

The mechanics of the game require payments to Dash addresses we control in order for us to track player activities. The game is therefore technically a for-profit venture. To offset this, we’ve decided to allow players to determine their own price for participating in the game. This is not only an attempt to attract as wide an audience to the game as possible, but as a way to alleviate potential concerns that we are profiting excessively from the Dash proposal fund allocation. Our commitment is to reinvest any profits over and above those required to keep the game running directly back into further game development, promotional efforts and Dash giveaways for new users.

Core team credentials
The core team are a talented and passionate group based primarily in Berlin, Germany, a hub for creative and technical ability. The core team of game designers and developers has already been assembled. We’re also soliciting expressions of interest from members of the community that feel they’re skills could contribute towards the success of the project.

Donho on forums, FallenBerlin on Reddit.
Web developer, data scientist, passionate gamer and long-time Dash enthusiast and MNO
I’m a web developer and data scientist with a background in academia, currently employed at the University of Edinburgh. I am also a passionate gamer — from board games to digital — and Dash enthusiast since early 2014, back when it was still called Darkcoin. I’m proud to say that I have been in charge of running a Dash Masternode since the early testnet days.

Mike Pierce (Monachilada on forums & Discord)
Team manager and web developer
I’m a web designer and developer with over 12 years experience in agencies in Sydney and Copenhagen, as well as my own Berlin based web agency co-founded in 2012, of which I am the Technical director. In recent years, I’ve been the senior developer on high profile projects carried out for clients primarily in Germany and Norway. A comprehensive list of projects can be found on my company website.

I was introduced to Dash by friends in March of 2017, and have been slowly but eagerly accumulating Dash, as well as enthusiastically following its progress since then.

Sandra Schmidt
Game and Interaction Designer, komorebi interactive
Before co-founding our game and interaction design studio in April 2017, I studied Game Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. I’ve been working actively in the web development and IT sector since 2008. I have over 5 years of experience designing games.

My main focus is in concept creation, analysis of game mechanics and logic, and formulation of functionality guided by a technical perspective. In my daily work I am developing concepts for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications, as well as mobile apps for B2B customers from various industries.

I’ve both worked in and lead interdisciplinary teams of 3 to 5 members on around 15 different games over the span of my studies and career so far. On our website you can view a selection of the projects I’ve been involved with over the last several years.

Kerstin Schütt
Game and Narrative Designer
With a degree in Game Design (HTW Berlin, 2017) as well as Computer Science (TU Berlin, 2013) I am able to contributor to every facet of the game design process. My main focus lies within Game System Design and Narrative Design.

After finishing my studies, I’ve taken on various projects involving games, teaching Programming for Game Designers at HTW, as well as storytelling assignments on a freelance basis. My main inspirations are the lesser known events in human history, social issues and philosophical theories. Applying them to a different context can open up a new perspective and add depth to stories and narratives.

During my time at university I worked on programming and game design projects in teams of different sizes, ranging from 3 to 12 members. I created 6 games during my time at HTW Berlin. Currently I'm working with in collaboration with my business partner on releasing our first commercial game.

Lukas (moDoc on forums)
Product Manager in web design and development, specialising in SEO, online marketing and business development
I’m a Digital Producer with 10 years experience in digital marketing and SEO, product management and modern front end development. I’ve worked worldwide for my own projects as well as startups in sectors from messaging to shared economy. I’ve proudly been a part of Dash since 2014 — enjoying, promoting and following its progress keenly.

Dario Tausch
Independent game concept designer
I am currently studying Game Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin in my 7th semester. During an internship at the biggest browser game developer in Germany, I learned a lot about project planning and organization. My strengths lie in the areas of design thinking and problem solving. In previous projects I have also taken on tasks in the fields of programming, 3D modeling and game system design.

During my studies, I worked on 5 game projects with group sizes of 3-4 members. Thanks to these projects, I’ve been able to gain a good overview of the different facets of game development and how to best to undertake them.
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Dec 20, 2017
Hey folks, I'm Mike. I'll be managing the team as we build the game out and engaging with the community to implement feedback before we submit the proposal towards the end of the month for the next budget cycle. I can say that we've already begun work on the project, adding to the team and laying the groundwork for a full kick-off very soon. It's probably also worth mentioning that we'll be going ahead with the project regardless of the results of the budget proposal, but we really think an injection of funds can allow us to do it really right and launch Dash at great audience. I'd love to hear any feedback or criticism you may have about the proposal so we can address any concerns before submitting. Anyone with tips or interest in getting involved is also welcome to get in contact directly with me.


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Apr 29, 2017
I'm sorry but $244,000 I think is way to much to be coming from the treasury for a project like this. Where are your team credentials in regards to past games created? For something like this I would be very worried you would be able to create a user experience that is beneficial and results in a strong player base.


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Dec 20, 2017
In terms of delivering a user experience, that is something I'm very much able to do. I've got 12 years experience, the last 5 of which have been as the head of my own web agency. I've managed and built projects of a similar scope for big clients and stand behind my record and ability to deliver.

Your point on the game references is fair. As soon as we have additional team members confirmed (currently in negotiations) this concern should be lessened significantly.


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Dec 20, 2017
Where are your team credentials in regards to past games created?
For the record we've just confirmed another member of the team. Sandra has great experience and a proven record in the field and will be leading the game design. We've updated the original post above with her credentials.


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Dec 20, 2017
We've just posted some updates to the original proposal above:
  • Additional explanation of potential benefits to the Dash network and statement of our aims for this.
  • Updated budget and allocation of funds.
  • A new section on accountability, soliciting suggestions from the community on addressing potential concerns on this topic.
  • Some details about our design process, with a link to a more comprehensive description of this.
  • New team member: Dario Tausch.
Any and all feedback is very welcome, we'd love some help from the community on improving the proposal further to provide the best possible results for the network.


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Jul 12, 2015
I've only briefly glanced over this so correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I see, you are using server side wallets. This not only makes you vulnerable to hacking but also a legal nightmare regarding potential money laundering. If this is the case, then I regret I can not support this proposal. Other services - such as - bypass these problems by implementing the wallet client side.


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Dec 20, 2017
I appreciate the note. Nothing is implemented yet, and a full review of all the options would obviously be a significant part of the design and development process. Thanks for the referral to, I wasn't aware of it previously but will include it in our research.
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